The holiday season is officially here, which means it’s about time we start crossing off names on our Christmas (and Hanukkah) shopping list. As is common knowledge, the hardest to cross off are names of the little ones around us. Be it our own kids or our nieces and nephews, finding the right gift can be a tad bit stress-inducing despite their holiday wish lists. Let’s face it, the non-crazy items on the wish list have already been called dibs on. Plus, it doesn’t help that a whole new array of toys hits the market every year.

To make your life easier, we teamed up with VTech and LeapFrog to bring you this fool-proof guide on the hottest toys every kid wants. As you might already know, these are two brands that have been taking the concept of fun learning to new levels with their innovative, tech-friendly toys, games and apps.

True to their nature, the toys/games/apps in the list below aren’t just age-appropriate but are also great educational tools. With these toys, kids will be learning new concepts, using their creativity and imagination, and developing cognitive skills simply by playing and having a good time. Could Christmas gifts for the young ones be any more perfect? We suppose not (yet anyway).

VTech KidiZoom PrintCam

This is already a hot favourite with the kids. The digital camera features dual cameras, video recording and a built-in black-n-white printer and roll giving instant prints of the snaps. There are also a lot of filters and borders kids can use to pretty up the pics. A perfect way to capture all the wonderful holiday memories.

Price: $93.99

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3

The KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3, as the name suggests, is a smartwatch equivalent for kids. It features custom and preset animated clockfaces, dual cameras, videos recording, flash, reminders and over 80 single and multiplayer games. It’s no wonder that this is another topper on kids’ Christmas wish lists this year.

Price: $72.99

LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures

Via VTech

Remember how we told you the brands are focused on making playtime a fun-filled learning experience for kids. Well, this game is proof. Here are some of the levels you’ll find in the game- Letterland, Numberville, Shapetown and Color Springs. How cool is that?

Price: $41.99

LeapFrog On-the-Go Story Pal

Yes, it’s a story player but it does more. LeapFrog’s On-the-Go Story Pal has some 70 odd stories, poems, songs and lullabies; more than a book can ever offer. It’s a compact little bunny-shaped player with straps that make it a perfect carry-on anywhere the child goes. Plus, you can record about 10-minutes of your own voice, in case there’s a specific story you want the child to hear.

Price: $36.99

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

Via VTech

Ah! Here’s one for the budding moviemakers. The KidiZoom Creator Cam is an easy way to get creative with video content. There are 20+ backgrounds kids can use to make their movies. It even comes with a green screen and tripod to add a dash of professionalism to the whole experience. Hello, Christmas home movies!

Price: $83.99

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Every child’s dream- a personal ice-cream cart! With multiple ice-cream flavours and toppings and recipe cards, kids can create their own pretend treats. And while they are living this dream, they are listening to music, building memory and sequencing skills and learning to count and about colours and flavours.

Price: $51.99

VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer

Not all great things come in giant packages; some come in relatively small turntables like the KidiStar DJ Mixer. From removing vocals to adding effects to creating mash-ups to that of fine-tuning the mixes, there’s little this jam table can’t do. And it comes with a cute disco light to get the party vibe going.

Price: $72.99

VTech Marble Rush Ultimate Set

Marble Rush is the kind of fun everyone can part-take in. Building the ramp challenges and then competing with friends and family, doesn’t it sound exciting? Sure, does to us! The model comes with 145 colour-coded pieces, 10 marbles, a Ferris Wheel and thrilling ramps and launchers.

Price: $72.99

LeapFrog Choppin Fun Learning Pot

Via VTech

Let kids don the chef’s hat for once. The kit includes pretend veggies, knife and chopping board along with 5 recipes the kids can follow along. A safe and interesting way to get kids to appreciate veggies and give them a taste of cooking.

Price: $25.99

VTech Ivy the Bloom Bright Unicorn

One of the best ways to get kids to become more compassionate is to let them take care of someone. While a pet is certainly a responsibility for adults, a robotic pet might just be the solution, especially if it is this robotic unicorn. From changing colours to waving wands to blowing kisses and cuddling its nose, there’s some learning in every interaction little ones have with this pretty pet.

Price: $69.99

Whoever needs to hear this, don’t sit on this list for too long. That is if you don’t want the toys to go out of stock or experience the holiday rush delay.