There’s a reason why flowers are a part of almost every season and every occasion. It’s because nothing brings cheer and colour to a person’s life and their home quite like a bunch of beautiful blooms. So, this year we decided to perk up the lives and homes of our loved ones with these farm-fresh beauties and want to thank Bear’s Blooms for making that possible!

The popular Vancouver-based flower subscription is known for its gorgeous seasonal blooms that are locally sourced from farmers in BC. What sets them apart is that they aren’t your typical flower subscription but more of a meal kit for flowers. 

And just in time for the holidays, the brand with its convenient-to-receive and easy-to-care-for flowers, recently opened its doors to Calgarians! Being the perfect gift that it is, we obviously bought a bunch of subscriptions for all the favourite people in our lives. And here’s why you need to do the same. BTW you can use code CALGARY15 for $15 off your first order, just sayin’.

#1 It’s not only the best, but also the easiest gift to give

It’s as simple as setting up an account, choosing the recipient of the flowers and picking the frequency of delivery. There is also an option to send a gift card instead! The best part is that the subscription comes with no strings attached. Or, as Bear’s Blooms puts it, they are “easy to try, easy to use and easy to cancel.” You can adjust your deliveries whenever you want or cancel them completely whenever you desire.

#2 It’s perfect for our loved ones and our planet

Bear's Blooms
Photo via Bear’s Blooms

Like we mentioned earlier, they are an all-local brand. So, what does that have to do with sustainability? Well, working with local farmers makes it possible for them to minimize their environmental footprint. They buy their flowers in-season and exactly to order. Their packaging is also recyclable, this means that you can return the box to them and they will re-use it! 

#3 It’s great for the person who has everything


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Receiving seasonal flowers, building the bouquet and having beautiful blooms brighten up any space is a lovely experience. That’s what makes it such a unique and thoughtful gift, especially for those in your life who have it all.

#4 It’s a gift that keeps on giving

Whether it’s a bouquet for a client’s birthday, a colleague’s get-well-soon or a gift for your significant other for date-night, flowers work as a great gift for all occasions. Now, imagine seeing that same smile on your loved ones’ faces on the regular. Brilliant, right? Whether you need a one-time bouquet or a recurring delivery,  Bear’s Blooms has you covered on both fronts!

#5 You pick and arrange your own bouquet! 


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Bear’s Blooms gives you creative reign on how your bouquet is arranged. Their team of talented florists curate flowers that will create a beautiful bouquet and they send them to you as individual stems. They give you the ability to be your very own florist (with a little help). They also provide tips and tricks to arranging your bouquet with information on each stem. You can also enjoy bouquets of one variety stems such as roses and eucalyptus (year round) but will also have the chance to pick up speciality boxes such as tulips and peonies when in season!

#6 It’s surprisingly long-lasting

Bear’s Blooms ships buds, not blooms, meaning flowers will fully bloom within 24-48 hours after you receive them. This ensures that your flowers look fresher and last longer compared to a bunch you would pick up from the grocery store. 

Well, there you have it folks – a gift that’s easy, sustainable, local and all shades of awesome. Besides, with shipping delays on the rise, a Bear’s Blooms flower subscription will make you a gifting genius this year! And if after reading all the above you’re still not sure, you can simply click here, get a gift-card, and the receiver can redeem whenever they want. You’ll get an additional $5 gift card for every $50 you spend on gift card purchases until the end of December, and yes, you are allowed to keep that for yourself.