To drink or not to drink? That, friends, is the question. Who are we kidding? Of course, it’s the former. Especially when it comes to a well-mixed tequila libation.

The thing is, our limited knowledge of cocktail-making kept us from enjoying the many versions of this agave-based spirit during our lockdown hibernation. To make up for it, we are now on a mission to enjoy the very best of T-cocktails in town. Our only problem, we needed some help hunting them down.

Via Patron

Fortunately for us, and you, we had an industry expert helping us find the best tequila cocktails in Vancouver. Say hello to Patrón, the makers of one of the finest tequilas. They also happen to be the first to have brought premium tequila outside of Mexico. Do you blame us for trusting them? Together, we discovered the 6 best tequila cocktails in Vancouver.

Here’s our list of the cocktails and the places where you can find them:

Patrón Tommy’s Margarita at The Diamond

Located in the heart of Gastown, this cocktail lounge boasts old-world charm and unreal specialty craft cocktails.  And their Patrón Tommy’s Margarita is one of the best tequila concoctions in town, especially if you’re looking to taste an impeccably-made classic.

Lucid Dream at The Keefer Bar


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We always get a chuckle out of the big, bold ‘Medical Center’ sign posted over the intimidating bar wall at The Keefer. But what makes us frequent the bar is obviously their creative cocktail selection including one of the best tequila liveners in town- the Lucid Dream, ​​crafted with Patrón Silver, grapefruit, lime, strawberry, Campari and Chinese rhubarb. 

Patrón Frozen Watermelon Slush at The Parlour

Parlour, you’ve done it again. The popular laid-back eatery claims to have ‘killer cocktails’ and they sure do. Of course, we found one of our faves here, the Patrón Frozen Watermelon Negroni. Since we all know that a slush-based drink is best, this one is self explanatory.

Doppo Le Otto (‘after eight’) at Bar Corso

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! The Doppo Le Otto puts a fresh spin on a hot chocolate, and we’d say they nailed it. Made with Patrón Reposado, Fernet menta, hot chocolate, and chocolate bitters. This cocktail is certainly a must-try.

Lavender Paloma at Alouette


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Located in Le Soleil hotel in the heart of the entertainment district, you might visit Alouette for its chic French cuisine and ambience, but you’ll revisit for its craft cocktails, the Lavender Paloma being one of them. Their version of this classic tequila-grapefruit pairing made with Patrón Reposado is enriched with the addition of lavender!

Margarita Chida at El Santo


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Although not located in the heart of Vancouver, those willing to check out El Santo in New Westminster will be greatly rewarded. This trendy Mexican bar is now a go-to place for many, us included, and their Margarita Chida is one of the best tequila concoctions. Made with Patrón Reposado, lime and agave, if a classic drink made to perfection is your thing, then this one’s for you.

After you’ve enjoyed all of the above intoxicants, you’ll likely have  a strong urge to step up your mixologist skills. And from experience, having a bottle or two of Patrón will come in handy.