Electric two-wheelers practically dominate the inner city streets in the warmer months. With the cozy weather rolling in, it’s inevitable that Calgary e-scooters will soon do the same, but when can we count on them hitting the pavement again?!

Though the city hasn’t announced an official date just yet, scooters will be available again within the next few months, likely in May just like last year.

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This is tentative and could easily be adjusted due to the warmer weather. In fact, during a recent council meeting, a representative for Lime said that they would “be prepared to bring vehicles to Calgary as soon as the city us the go-ahead.”

Either way, when they do arrive, YYC has decided to make a few changes to the program. For those worried about these modifications, rest assured that they’re the farthest thing from drastic!

Come this year’s launch, all Calgary e-scooters will have to have a highly visible identification number in order to help customers quickly report improper use. Also, each private operator will only be allowed to distribute 1,500 scooters each. That’s it!

Not bad, hey?! Honestly, we don’t care what they choose to change, as long as we’re still able to take a leisurely scoot by the river again. It’s been far too long! As always, we’ll keep you guys updated if we get any new information, but until then, stay safe and be smart, Calgary!