Next week, you’ve got an opportunity to help set a new national record in the country, and all you have to do is order some food. National Takeout Day returns to Canada this April 15th. What’s more, the people behind it want to go for the record! Here’s a little more info ahead of the attempt.

Last year, an organization called Canada Takeout started encouraging people to support local restaurants by grabbing takeout. They also decided to use the hashtag #takeoutday to promote things on social media, and declared last April 15th to be the first day. Soon, the idea had snowballed into a weekly event.

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Well, their devotion paid off, because the day is no indexed by Google, even if it’s not recognized nationally. Maybe next week will change things, since they’re hoping that people will submit their receipts to the website ‘Takeout Tracker’ to make things official.

Personally, we’re just curious to see how many takeout orders actually occur in Canada every day. Is it hundreds of thousands? Millions? We’re not sure, and this might be our best chance at finding out. For more information on this year’s National Takeout Day in Canada, just click this link!

Happy ordering, folks!