Over the weekend, the BC Provincial Government announced that due to ongoing wildfires throughout the province, a travel advisory would be in place until further notice. What does that mean for your weekend getaway? Well, read on and find out!

There are basically two things to watch out for during wildfire season, with the first being evacuation orders and alerts. The BC Government has advised no one travels to any community under an evacuation order/alert, or any nearby regions either. Quite a few summer destinations are currently under an evacuation alert, including parts of the Kootenays and the Okanagan.

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Meanwhile, some wildfires have also affected roads and highways throughout the province. So, if you’re planning on driving through wildfire danger regions to get to your final destination, then you’ll want to check those out as well. After all, nobody wants to have to turn back/find a place to sleep halfway through a 6-hour drive or something.

It’s definitely a bummer to have to swap one kind of travel advisory for another. But, we definitely prefer that people stay safe, and this is important info to know about! For more information on wildfires this summer, head to the BC Government website.