Dare we say the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel really could be here? The Public Health Agency of Canada just released updated guidelines on what fully vaccinated Canadians can do and it looks like things are finally, almost getting back to normal.

The Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines were shared in a convenient and easy-to-understand infographic last week. The chart is colour-coded and divided into sections based on vaccination levels and types of activities. If you’re one of the lucky folks who have received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, the world is pretty much your oyster!

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Okay, but seriously, there is some pretty exciting allowance now. For starters, fully vaxxed folks can attend small gatherings with other fully vaxxed individuals (indoor and outdoor) without a mask or physical distancing. That’s a massive step, y’all! You’re even allowed to… drumroll please… share a hug with those you gather with. Who’d have thought that would be a noteworthy detail one day??

Other highlights of the chart include details surrounding indoor gatherings with larger groups of people. While those who are not vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated must wear a mask at these types of get-togethers, fully vaccinated folks have a little more leniency. Of course, the Public Health Agency does highlight that mask restrictions at larger gatherings are dependant on the event organizer’s regulations and potential health risks. So, grain of salt on that one, folks.

Still, these are major strides towards a resemblance of normalcy across the country. After the absolute insanity we’ve all endured over the past year and a half, the news could not be more welcome.

If you haven’t booked your COVID-19 vaccine yet, head online here for instructions by province on how to do that.

You can check out the Public Health Agency’s graphic in full at Canada.ca.