Close to five years after the iconic venue burned down, a massive crane popped up at the site of the new Roxy Theatre over the weekend. Why’s that a big deal? Well, it means that the structure of the building is more or less complete, and now work can begin on the inside and the finishing touches. Here’s a quick rundown.

new roxy theatre

Back on January 13th, 2015, an early morning fire burned down the Westmount landmark in a matter of hours. Although the company was able to move venues, provincial, federal and private funding led to them breaking ground on the new Roxy Theatre in June, 2019.

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The new Roxy Theatre will cost some $12.5M. The modernized venue will feature a 200-seat main theatre, a more intimate ‘studio theatre’, and a rehearsal hall that can be converted into a gathering space (for when that’s appropriate once more). The kicker? A rooftop patio, which would be amazing during intermissions on summer nights.


As it stands, the Roxy Theatre is hosting a fundraiser to help complete the project. But whatever happens, they’re expecting to be able to open in November of this year. For more information on the new Roxy Theatre, just click here!