Well, folks, it’s happened. After failing to reach an agreement with the Canada Border Services Agency, some 9,000 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada began to strike this morning. And while the borders are not shutting down completely, many a headache is in store for those travelling to and within Canada.

That’s because it is a work-to-rule strike instead of a general strike. In this case, PSAC members will perform their duties to the ‘letter of the law’, and nothing more. Anyone who has worked anywhere knows that this spells disaster for productivity and efficiency.

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And, that’s exactly what’s happening during this border strike. Airports, land borders, postal offices, and commercial shipping ports across the country. Land borders already have kilometres-long lines to try and get into Canada. Meanwhile, Toronto Pearson has advised all travellers to show up early for departures, and expect long waits upon arrival.

This strike will continue until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached between the PSAC and the CBSA. Folks from both sides are apparently in ongoing discussions, so hopefully, things will be figured out sooner rather than later.

Especially since Canada is planning to re-open its borders to some American tourists on Monday, August 8. The clock’s ticking, folks!