We’re making our way folks! It’s nearly been exactly 3 weeks since Alberta entered phase one of the government’s plan to ease COVID restrictions and some are starting to ask what that could mean for us. Honestly, we don’t blame you – it can be pretty confusing! Since March of last year, we’ve closed and reopened, what feels like a million times at this point.

In anticipation of phase two and to help those who aren’t sure what to expect, we’re going to break down everything that could happen if we make the decision on March 1st to move to the second phase. It’s also worth noting that if we do, the earliest phase 2 would arrive is March 8th.

Now, before we really jump in, it should be noted that we will only be given the go-ahead if hospitalizations remain under 450 people. As of today, February 24th, Alberta only has 326 people under the care of medical professionals so things are looking pretty good – but anything could happen!

With that out of the way, let’s get to it. Here is what we can expect to change if Alberta moves into phase 2!


Right now, liquor stores, boutiques, and grocery stores may only operate at 15% capacity but according to the government’s website, the second phase in Alberta’s plan to ease COVID restrictions has retail mentioned. We can only assume, but this might mean capacity will be reevaluated.

Banquet halls, Community and Conference centres

Since December 13th, banquet halls have been shut down. Come decision time, there is a possibility these could be used for very VERY small gatherings again.


Hotels, motels, hunting, and fishing lodges have been able to remain open however spas, pools and in-person dining have not. This too has been mentioned as something the government will take a second look at.

Indoor fitness and children’s sport and performance centres.

Alright, this is a big one, folks. As part of Phase 1, sports education was permitted again and Indoor fitness centres were able to reopen, however:

  • No sports games, competitions, team practice, league play, or group exercise was allowed
  • Only one-on-one training was permitted (e.g. fitness in dance studios, training figure skating on ice, one-on-one lessons).
  • Sessions had to be scheduled or by appointment. No drop-in or groups allowed.

This too could be looked over and adjusted, though there is no way of saying how until it’s announced!

Unfortunately for those missing their pals and family, the restrictions on indoor gatherings won’t be looked at until phase 3.

Phew. there you go, folks. We hope that answered any question you have had about phase two. To check out even more information on the new and upcoming ease of COVID restrictions in Alberta, you can visit the government’s website here. Until (what could be) March 1st, stay safe, be kind, and continue to wash your hands. We’ve got this!