Of the many things on our ‘loves of our life’ list, the one that’s way up there with doggos, significant other and chocolate sundae is a freebie. More so if the freebie happens to be a crazy-ass trip to Mexico. And right on cue, this just in, the popular cocktail bar and restaurant, Chakalaka, is giving away a free trip to Mexico on our feed here, RN!

For anyone who has been living under a rock for this past year, Chakalaka is the big, beautiful, multi-story restaurant on 17th Ave S.W. owned by DJ Ronnie Mupambwa. Ever since its opening, the restaurant has garnered a lot of love and attention owing to its posh yet welcoming ambience, its rooftop patio, and its international-themed, eclectic menu.

Photos by Curiocity

When we say international and eclectic menu, we mean it very seriously. From Indian pani puri to a variety of South African beef sausages, to exotic meats including roo, ostrich, alligator, and frog legs, you’ll find quite a few inspired inclusions on the menu. You’ll also find a slew of original cocktails to match the menu’s awesomeness.

And now the resto-bar is giving us even more reason to love them as well as the holiday season. We’ve teamed up with Chakalaka to giveaway an unreal trip! That’s right, folks – one lucky (extremely, we’d say) winner will get a paid-for trip to the dream subtropical destination, Mexico. 

Eager to leave the cold behind you? All you have to do is enter the contest on our feed here!