Remember how we told you about this new speakeasy that was soon to set up shop on 8th Avenue and 1st street in Calgary a couple of weeks ago? Playing up to its name, Please Don’t Tell, the nightclub kept a lot of deets on the DL at the time. Well, the underground club finally opened its doors to the public in quite a grand opening, might we add. And ever since it has been on every club and cocktail lover’s radar.

We finally crawled into this secretive space and were not disappointed in the least. With it’s cool neon signs and the beautiful stained glass window above the bar, the cool NYC-style speakeasy had exactly the vibe Calgarians were hoping for. Equal parts mysterious, sophisticated, and fun as hell. So while you go there for all the buzz and mystery surrounding the place, you stick around for everything else it has to offer- their delicious cocktails, bottle service & great music definitely top that list.

please dont tell

Before you experience this delight of a nightlife, there are a few things to know about PDT. Here goes the list!

Has a secret entry

The club occupies the space under Bar Patricia that was formerly the Ultra Infinity Lounge and in the spirit of a secret speakeasy. That means you’ll be entering PDT through a secret entrance inside a Mexican tacos joint. 

Follows a dress code

If you’re thinking of throwing on a tankini and shorts or oversized tee and denims, well, don’t. The bar has a strict upscale dress attire. Given their sophisticated vibe, we get the code! Birthday/ Bachelorette party, anyone?

Has something called Secret Fridays

They have a thing called Secret Fridays (yes, more secrets). What this means is that Fridays are when you’ll spot DJs, hosts and other internationally recognizable people. This might be your chance to rub shoulders with the international “It” crowd.

Hosts a slew of fun events

We’ve always maintained that a nightclub with no events is like a martini without gin/vodka. Naturally then, we were impressed when we learned that PDT has tons of them- from masquerade balls (befitting) to 90s parties to soul & RnB hip hop events. 

Brings an interesting DJ-Violinist jam

Trust us, this is cooler to experience than it is to read or hear about. Every Saturday, there’s a violinist who jams with the DJ and we bet you’ve never heard these tunes come out of a violin. Definitely, something that should be on every nightclub or music-enthusiasts list.

It’s the the only Calgary club with an age bar

Officially you need to be of legal drinking age to get an entry into the club, but unofficially, we’d say the club caters to 25+ or so suggests the music they played (sorry young ‘uns). This one made us really happy for one basic reason- we (the mid to late 20s lot) won’t get the early oldie feeling while clubbing.


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If you’re planning your weekend night out with the pals here, we suggest you make a reservation on the PDT website here before hitting the speakeasy, what with their raving popularity. Oh, and have a happy weekend you guys!

Please Don’t Tell

Where: 811 1 St SW, Calgary
Hours: Friday and Saturday, 9:30 pm to 2 am