Last week, the Vancouver Park Board decided to postpone a decision on public drinking Vancouver parks, so that they could potentially expand the program. Well, this week a full list of the parks that could see the change was released, so let’s check it out!

The pilot program was originally going to include just 10 parks around the city. However, the Park Board didn’t want people driving just so they could drink somewhere. So, the proposal has been expanded to include 22 parks around Vancouver- one in basically every neighbourhood.

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This plan has the added bonus of avoiding bottleneck situations in a select few parks around the city. And based on the Third Beach drum circle debacle this week, we think that spreading things out is a great idea. Heck, write tickets if people break the rules to recoup the cost of the program.

The new proposal also got rid of the whole ‘must be consumed with a meal’ thing, since it would be extremely difficult to enforce. If all goes well, public drinking in Vancouver parks could be here as early as mid-August. The Park Board returns to the issue next week to vote, so we’ll keep you updated!

You can check out the new proposal in full right here.