Well, saying the world changed a little bit in 2020 is an understatement. We might even go so far as to say that reality more or less shifted permanently last year. We guess that a silver lining is companies are more agile, specialized and forward-thinking than ever. And the latest list of the world’s most innovative companies definitely recognizes this.

Published by Fast Company, the editorial roundup focuses on the companies that took steps forward last year. There’s no real data to back up the picks, but we think they did a decent job of spreading things out. The list includes everything from biotech companies to sports organizations to tech leaders. Let’s check out the top 10!

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  1. Moderna (Biotech)
  2. Pfizer-BioNTech (Biotech)
  3. Shopify (Software)
  4. SpaceX (Aerospace)
  5. SpringHill Company (Media)
  6. Epic Games (Entertainment)
  7. Netflix (Media)
  8. Tock (Food Delivery/Reservation service)
  9. Microsoft (Technology)
  10. Graphika (Cyber Security)

We’re happy to see the Canadian company Shopify get the love it deserves, since they didn’t hesitate to help small businesses all over the world transfer to online sales during the pandemic. If you’re curious, there was another major Canadian name on the list- Lululemon came in at 26th for their acquisition of Mirror, which offers an alternative to Peloton for at-home workout tech.

In hindsight, picking a frontrunner for this year’s list must have been tough. Biotech smashed records for vaccine development, the retail landscape completely transformed, and a billionaire decided to go all-in on space-based internet.

If you’re like to see the full list of the world’s most innovative companies, you can check it out on the Fast Company website. Enjoy the day, folks!