The city is almost back to normal and businesses have resumed full functionality. Yet somehow, the pandemic-created labour shortage is far from over. According to Statistics Canada, there were 915,500 unfilled positions in 2021. Many of these vacant positions happen to be for construction trade jobs. Logically then, there is a high demand for trade labourers in the industry.

So, we got in touch with Construction Ontario to shed some light on the matter. Known in the construction industry for its hi-tech virtual and augmented reality training courses for skilled labour, Construction Ontario also serves as a free job portal. You’ll find tons of construction job listings across Ontario on the website.

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With the help of experts at Construction Ontario, we put together a list of seven of the most in-demand trade jobs in the industry RN. The best part is that none of these jobs need you to have a degree. Professional training and certificate/license (in some cases) are all you need.


Be it homes, offices or industries, the thing that keeps them running is electrical power. And installing, maintaining and repairing all things electrical is what an electrician would do. Their average salary ranges from $61,297 – $97,232 per year, according to Glassdoor. You can see why they are so in demand, eh!


We all know about these skilled artists handling multiple profiles at a construction site. From cabinetry to cementing to flooring and everything in between, carpenters are the all-rounders of the construction industry. And they can take home a good 87K annually (as per PayScale).

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HVAC Installer/ Technician

As long as we need heating, cooling and ventilating in homes, offices, hospitals and every inhabitable building, the demand for HVAC Installers/Technicians isn’t going down. Job Bank declared their median pay to be $66,500 a year with the top technicians taking home a good $100,000.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

The heavy construction equipment is as complicated as it is crucial. A single fault can halt the work or be a safety hazard. So, it’s kind of obvious why Heavy Equipment Mechanics are such a hot commodity averaging an annual salary of $123,880 including perks and benefits (Glassdoor).

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Mechanical and Electrical Coordinator

Making sure the mechanical and electrical teams are working in tandem is important for smooth functioning and faster, resource-effective and quality results. As it happens, people skilled at the job end up pocketing an average of over $59K annually with an upper limit of $108K.


This is yet another covetable profile in the industry. With metal being at the core of structures, tools and equipment, a welder is always needed at construction sites. And as such, welders in Ontario are averaging $24 an hour and $35.58 an hour on the upside according to Jobs Bank.

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Be it for a single home, a condo or a gigantic commercial complex, plumbers are known to make substantial earnings. Their rates can go as high as $260 an hour, depending on the work they do. Frankly, if you’ve ever tried to replace a leaky toilet, you’d know that they deserve every penny they charge.

While these are some of the hottest trade jobs in the market, many more positions are waiting to be filled out. You can check all of them out on the Construction Ontario website. You can also follow them on Insta for quick notification of available opportunities.