Get ready, unbelievably wealthy house-hunters! Why? Because the latest list of the most expensive homes and streets in Vancouver has come out, courtesy of the BC Assessment Authority. Turns out, Vancouver is home to some very pricey properties (who would have guessed?). And now, you can do a little price comparison while you’re browsing online.

Here are the most expensive streets in Vancouver for 2021.

1. Point Grey Road in Kitsilano, featuring Chip Wilson’s Mansion

expensive streets vancouver

This is probably the best known ‘rich person road’ in the city, and for good reason. Not only do these waterfront homes offer some gorgeous views in the city, but one side, in particular, features the city’s most expensive home. That’s right- good old Chip Wilson chills in a $66,828,000 mansion.

2. Belmont Avenue, Point Grey

the belmont estate

In contrast to Point Grey Road, this is the more reserved side of Vancouver’s wealth. Well, reserved in that it’s harder to stumble upon. In fact, the top 10 list is dominated by Belmont Avenues addresses- they claim 5 of the spots there, and are present throughout the top 100. The Belmont Estate is a good example of this area (and comes in at number 5 on the list).

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3. Osler Street, Shaughnessy

most expensive streets Vancouver

Although there’s only one in the top ten (with no photos online), Osler Street lays claim to multiple spots in the top 100 Greater Vancouver homes. 3489 Osler Street, the best of them all, comes in at a cool $29.4 million. Maybe try lowballing them if you’re going after it since the real ballers are apparently all in Point Grey.

4. The Crescent, Shaughnessy

the crescent

A sleeper hit just around the corner from Osler Street, The Crescent in Shaughnessy has 2 homes in the top 15. Plus, the street has some of the oldest estates in the city, often over a century old. Full honesty- this photo looks like that scene in American Gangster where Denzel Washington gives his mom a house.

5. Newton Wynd, University Endowment Lands

newton wynd

Although technically not part of Vancouver, this is too interesting of a street to not share. Featuring some of the most luxurious homes (with views to match) in the area, the UEL has two special qualities. First, homeowners sign 99-year leases on the land, instead of owning it forever. Second, the area is technically not in Vancouver, which means it’s not subject to all the same taxes as homes as little as 10 minutes away,

Curious about the rest of the most expensive homes and streets in Vancouver for 2021? Check out the full list here.