Doing some imaginary house hunting today, are we? Perfect, because we’ve found some absolutely spectacular penthouses to check out across Canada. From coast to coast, it looks like you can live in style in any city you want. Now, all you have to do is find your imaginary dream home.

Here are 7 of the most expensive penthouses across Canada.

Victoria- 21 Dallas Road

penthouses canada victoria

We’re starting in the west, with a spectacular penthouse overlooking Victoria’s harbour. While stunning, the interior design screams ‘I’m loving my retirement’. So, maybe try and sell your grandparents on this 2 bedroom, 4 bathroom spot.

Cost: $7,290,000

Vancouver- 1011 W Cordova Street

cordova vancouver penthouse

One short ferry ride later, and the average home price has skyrocketed. Located at the top of a Fairmont Hotel, this penthouse offers amazing views, world-class amenities, and one of the most prestigious addresses in the country. It’s got a price tag to match, naturally.

Cost: $29,8000,000

Calgary- 738 1st Avenue

penthouses canada calgary

Surprisingly, the most expensive penthouse in Calgary does not offer mountain views. Instead, you’re a stone’s throw much the beloved Bow River, in a beautifully designed condo with all the bells and whistles. We also think the 4-car garage with a lift is a fun touch.

Cost: $8,599,000

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Edmonton- 14105 West Block Drive NW

penthouses canada edmonton

Although it’s only a sub-penthouse (preposterous, we know) we think this might be the best value deal on the list. Rather than be in the heart of downtown, this option gives you a sweeping view of it, alongside the River Valley. Plus, it’s one of the best-designed spots to boot.

Cost: $1,732,500

Winnipeg- 1 Wellington Crescent

winnipeg penthouse

Regardless of price, this spot takes the cake for the most eclectic penthouse in Canada. The building itself is like a fortress, and the interior design lives up to expectations. We’re talking painted light fixtures, ornate furnishings, and tons of wood. We give it a 10/10 for vibes.

Cost: $3,250,000

Toronto- 36 Hazelton Avenue

penthouses canada toronto

Compared to Vancouver, Toronto’s penthouse market is looking positively tame. This 5th-floor penthouse features some 4,000 sq. ft. of living space, plus 1,000 sq. ft. outside. This spot gets the title of the best penthouse for the inordinately rich young family, no doubt.

Cost: $13,500,000

Montreal- 1000 Rue de la Commune Est

montreal penthouse

And finally, we’re capping things off with an astounding penthouse in Montreal. Sprawling over 5-storeys, this spot comes with its own elevator and rooftop terrace for lounging. There’s also some real design flair here, from the exotic woods to onyx walls.

Cost: $7,900,000

And that’s the list of some of the most expensive penthouses in Canada! If you need us, we’ll be figuring out how to make enough money to afford one of them. We heard GameStop is making millionaires left right and centre!