We’re all guilty of it. We see a nice house or someone driving a nice car and wonder, “what in the heck do they do for a living?” We just can’t help it. Luckily, thanks to JobSeem.com we might actually have some insight into how some Lambo-driving big shots get so stinking rich. The website, which offers a range of advice and career listings, just released a breakdown of the highest paying jobs in Canada and how you can get ’em.

The complete list, determined by analyzing the median salaries and benefits of a graduate from each post-secondary program, is separated by level of education (diploma, degree, masters, med-school graduate, tradesperson.) Here are the top 5 in each category.

Highest Paying Programs in Canada for Diploma-Holder

  1. Stationary energy sources installer and operator (median salary of $128,310.00)
  2. Heavy/industrial equipment maintenance technologies (median salary of $$74,248.00)
  3. Allied health diagnostic, intervention & treatment professions (median salary of $69,163.00)
  4. Electrical and electronic engineering technologies (median salary of $68,748.00)
  5. Ground transportation (median salary of $66,950.00)

Highest paying programs in Canada for Bachelors Degree-Holder

  1. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical scientist and administration (median salary of $109,645.00)
  2. Chemical engineering and related studies (median salary of $91,278.00)
  3. Other engineering-related fields (median salary of $80,003.00)
  4. Nursing (median salary of $79,896.00)
  5. Electrical engineering (median salary of $78,225.00)

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Highest paying programs in Canada in Health & Medical Sector

  1. Dentistry (median salary of $105,547.00)
  2. Optometry (median salary of $99,748.00)
  3. Veterinary (median salary of $85,063.00)
  4. Medical – MD (median salary of $83,353.00)

Highest paying programs in Canada for Masters Degree-Holder

  1. Finance and financial management services (median salary of $106,578.00)
  2. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration (median salary of $103,059.00)
  3. Accounting (median salary of $102,610.00)
  4. Business and commerce and administrations (median salary of $100,022.00)
  5. Law, legal services and legal studies (median salary of $98,021.00)

Highest paying Trades programs in Canada

  1. Stationary Energy Sources Installer and Operator (median salary of $106,656.00)
  2. Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies (median salary of $97,970.00)
  3. Electrical and power transmission installers (median salary of $88,414.00)
  4. Heating, air conditioning & ventilation (HAC, HACR, HVAC, HVACR) (median salary of $82,983.00)
  5. Construction trades, general (median salary of $81,536.0)

Well, there you have it, Canada. Did any of these surprise you? Confuse you? Inspire you?! Let us know. Now if you excuse us, we’ve got some back-to-school shopping to do, because nowhere on this list did we see journalism or creative writing.

If you’d like to review the entire list check out their website here! Happy scrolling.