Do you remember your last pre-pandemic concert? We sure do, and we’ve really missed seeing our favorite artists live and also supporting local concert venues. So that’s why we’re here to give you a heads up on the best Seattle concerts scheduled this year. Yep, there will indeed be concerts happening in 2021.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that things can and do change rapidly these days. So while all of these concerts are currently scheduled there is a chance that they will be rescheduled or canceled. With that, let’s see who all is playing.

Tech N9ne

This concert is coming up fast and we think it’d be an extremely fun concert to kick off your summer. After all, Tech N9nes music is beyond catchy, and with hits like “Caribou Lou” and “Hood Go Crazy” you might just feel like you’re at the club while at a COVID safe concert. Who knows, could be pretty dang fun.

When: May 8th
Where: 1700 1st Ave S
Cost: $32.50+

Justin Bieber

Bieber really needs no introduction or explanation. If you don’t know who he is, that’s honestly kind of impressive and maybe even a flex. With that in mind, the beloved pop star is making an appearance in Washington this summer. So if you’re into him, you probably don’t want to miss this as it’s also one of the biggest Seattle concerts to happen this year.

When: June 11th
Where: 2727 East D Street, Tacoma, WA
Cost: $93.50

ALICIA The World Tour

Alicia Keys is back and better than ever with her 2021 world tour. Whether you’re a current fan or have loving nostalgia for her old hits, we think this is a perfect cap for summer. After all,  she’s easily one of the most beloved living R&B artists. So why not see her in concert?

When: August 29th
Where: 800 Occidental Ave S
Cost: $79.50+


If you like Latin pop and/or reggaeton then you definitely know who Maluma is. This concert is pretty much guaranteed to put you in a good mood. And it’ll also probably give you some flashbacks to clubbing. You could probably use both of those things so considering giving this concert a go.

When: September 18th
Where: 800 Occidental Ave S
Cost: $90.50+

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Get back into concert-going with one of America’s most iconic alternative metal bands. It’s hard not to love Deftone’s aggressive but also catchy sound. Although we also totally get that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But who knows the next time you’ll be able to see them live.

When: September 21st
Where: 800 Occidental Ave S
Cost: $51.50+


If you like indie-pop then you definitely know who Tennis is. And it just so happens they’re coming to Seattle and playing at one of the cities best venues. So if you want to enjoy some feel-good and slightly melancholy music then don’t miss out on this concert. We have a feeling that it’ll be pretty great.

When: October 1st
Where: 1932 Second Avenue
Cost: $18.50+

Frazey Ford

If you like folk music then you probably know who Frazey Ford is. Her music is soothing and soulful making it a great option for your first return to concert-going if you ask us. Plus it’s being held at one of Seattle’s OG concert venues!

When: October 21st
Where: 2200 2nd Avenue
Cost: $23+

Milky Chance

This German alt-rock duo is headed to Seattle. And we feel like this is one of those bands where if you listen, you know. Most people probably know them for their early 2010’s hits but they are indeed still making tunes. So if Milky Chance is your cup of tea, don’t miss out.

When: December 16th
Where: 1932 Second Avenue
Cost: $37.50+

Those are our picks for the best Seattle concerts scheduled this year. There is a surprising amount of concerts happening especially with smaller artists. So if you have a favorite venue be sure to check out what currently scheduled shows they have. And as always please be smart, if you feel sick don’t go, and if you do go, please follow all venue guidelines.

With that, enjoy these concerts and we hope that you all have a safe and fun return to concert-going!