Are you thinking about moving soon? You’re not alone, since Canada is weirdly having one of the best years for real estate sales on record. But of course, what’s house-hunting without going a little over budget? So, we thought we’d show you the most expensive homes for sale in Edmonton right now. Sure, they might require you to win the lottery, but we’re pretty sure that’s what manifesting destiny is all about.

Here are the most expensive homes for sale in Edmonton.

16 Windermere Drive

most expensive homes edmonton

The most expensive home in Edmonton is arguably the most opulent as well. This absolutely mammoth house has over 8600 sq. ft. of living space, with no detail (or dollar) spared in construction. Think things like a memorabilia room, not one but two private theatres, and your own custom-made sushi bar.

Price: $6,499,900

8606 Saskatchewan Drive

edmonton house

While you take a hit on square footage here, we do prefer the location over the pick above. Besides, 6500 sq. ft. is more than enough space for fun, and includes an indoor hot tub room, a garage for 8 cars, and a home gym. Plus, the real kicker here is the second floor patio, and the extensive views of the river valley.

Price: $5,295,000

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5604 Whitemud Road

most expensive homes edmonton

We mean no offence when we say that this is the most ‘standard’ home on this list. Closer to local schools than the Edmonton Country Club, this house is definitely meant for the rich family on the block. Don’t believe us? The owners are also selling the lot next door, which appears to have been made into a hockey rink in the winter.

Price: $4,795,000

236 Windermere Drive

edmonton house

Back to Windermere we go! We prefer this home over the first one, since the contemporary, simple design is more up our alley. How we’re going to scrape the money together, we don’t know, but we’re excited to stroll through this house and pretend we’re in an art gallery somewhere.

Price: $4,785,000

6240 Ada Boulevard

most expensive homes edmonton

Fittingly, the last house on this list is also one of the most well-known in Edmonton. Originally built in 1912, this home was saved in the early 2000s and returned to its original glory. One downside, though- its designation as a historical building means changes won’t come easily.

Price: $3,950,000

And that’s the list of the most expensive homes for sale in Edmonton right now! Enjoy house hunting folks, even if you’re a ways off from living in one of these spots. That’s our plan, at least.