Alright, daydreamers. It’s that time again. One of the globe’s most prestigious magazines has released its annual list of the world’s wealthiest, and wouldn’t you believe it, right alongside Elon, Gates and Bezos, were a few filthy rich Canadians. Interestingly enough, several of them actually live or have lived here in Wild Rose Country. Here are 4 billionaires from Alberta who made the 2021 Forbes list.


forbes alberta billionaires
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Born in raised in Calgary, Camp actually co-founded web-discovery platform Stumble-Upon before co-founding Uber. What is he up to now? Well, the guy is working on a cryptocurrency called Eco in addition to helping others kickstart their own companies through a startup studio called Expa, which has offices all over North America. He’s also still raking in some serious dough.

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forbes alberta billionaires
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Founder and chairman of Katz Group of Companies, one of Canada’s largest privately-owned enterprises, it’s no surprise that Daryl Katz is worth as much as he is. In addition to owning a pharmacy, entertainment, and retail business he also owns the Edmonton Oilers – meaning he also kind of owns Connor McDavid? Talk about opulence. 


forbes alberta billionaires
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Murray Edwards has really been and lived all over Canada, however, as co-owner, chairman, and director of the Calgary Flames, we just couldn’t leave him off the list. In addition to his stunt as the man behind YYC’s team, he also owns Edco Financial Holdings Ltd and is a natural resources investor.


forbes alberta billionaires
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We’ll just say it. If anyone has had a good year, it was folks in the athleisure business. Although Chip Wilson wasn’t born or raised in Alberta, he is a U of C alumni, so we figure he counts as a bonus on this list. The founder of Lululemon added around $1.7 billion dollars since 2020, and with athleisure not going anywhere soon, we wouldn’t be surprised for this to keep going up.

Man, oh, man. There you have it, folks, 4 billionaires from Alberta (kind of) who made the 2021 Forbes list. Didn’t make it this time? Don’t fret, neither did we. Maybe if we all pooled our money together we’d get close! There’s always next time, we suppose.