Well, folks, the latest roundup of the world’s billionaires was released by Forbes today, and that’s always good for a laugh. What’s more, a whopping 45 Canadians managed to get on this year’s list. Curious to find out who landed where? So were we. Let’s check it out!

If you weren’t already aware, 2020 was a good year to be a member of the super-rich club. While us regular schmucks decided between ramen and microwaved lasagna, the world’s richest people saw their wealth grow at an unprecedented rate. Yeah, absurd, we know.

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But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s do a little survey of the landscape. Here are the 15 richest billionaires in Canada, according to Forbes. We’ve kept their international rankings, just because we think that’s more fun.

33. David Thomson (Thomson-Reuters)- $41.8B
232. Tobi Lutke (Shopify)- $9.8B
241. Jim Pattison (Multiple holdings)- $9.6B
274.¬†Anthony von Mandl (White Claw/Mike’s Hard Lemonade)- $8.7B
486. Emanuele Saputo (Saputo Inc.)- $5.7B
574. Chip Wilson (Lululemon shareholder)- $4.9B
680. Alain Bouchard (Couche-Tard)- $4.2B
680. James Irving (Multiple holdings)- $4.2B
807. Peter Gilgan (Mattamy Homes)- $3.7B
831. Daryl Katz (Katz Group of Companies) – $3.6B
956. Carlo Fidani (Orlando Corporation)- $3.2B
1064. Bob Gaglardi (Northland Properties Corporation)- $2.9B
1111. Jean Coutu (Jean Coutu Group Inc.)- $2.8B
1174. Mitchell Goldhar (Penguin Group of Companies)- $2.7B
1205. Bruce Flatt (Brookfield Asset Management)- $2.6B

So, what are we seeing? Well, it looks like anyone in property development had a great year, and no one can deny that Shopify has been an insane frontrunner for Canada’s tech sector. Meanwhile, only one name in the top 15, James Irving, lost money. In fact, Forbes is saying his net worth has been roughly halved since 2018. Here’s hoping it was because of philanthropy!

Want to learn more about the richest people in Canada? You can check out the full list of Canada’s billionaires for 2021 right here.