Looking to move? Looking to rent? Canada is jam-packed with wonderful cities and towns to live in, but it’s no secret that some are much more affordable than others. A new report by PadMapper has ranked the most expensive places to rent a 1-bedroom apartment in Canada right now, and it’s got a few surprises!

Speaking of surprises, the top two cities aren’t surprising at all. Honestly, it would be pretty weird to see any city other than Vancouver (ranked #1) and Toronto (ranked #2) at the top of the list.

The December 2020 report has the average price of Vancouver 1-bedroom rental at an astounding $1,950, while Toronto isn’t’ far behind at $1,900. After that, places like Burnaby ($1,670), Victoria ($1,630), and Kelowna ($1,510) round out the top five.

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The rest of the top ten are Barrie ($1,500), Oshawa ($1,470), Ottawa ($1,420), Montreal ($1,370), and Kitchener ($1,350).

As for other major Canadian cities like Winnipeg ($1,000), Calgary ($1,100), and Edmonton ($950) they all placed way down the list comparatively.

So, what does all this mean? Considering this is just a report of December 2020, probably not that much. But, if you’re considering a big-city move then it’s nice to know which places you can afford.

If you want to check out the full list of most expensive places to rent in Canada, just click here.