Calgary has an incredibly rich history, but there’s one neighbourhood in particular that would really stand out if you were to flip through the pages of yesteryear. If pavements could talk, the streets of Inglewood, which runs along the city’s Bow River, would likely give you an earful.

Although Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood is a bustling ‘bohemian paradise’ now, it was once the city’s very humble Mainstreet. Also known by the names East Calgary and Brewery Flats, 9th Avenue was established in 1875 and only had a sawmill, slaughterhouse, brewery, hotel and livery. How quaint!

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Now, it might surprise some of you to know that it wasn’t actually until 1906 that the city began to construct any of the big beautiful brick buildings that still line the boardwalk today. Once completed though, the area almost immediately became quite the hotspot.

These buildings had made Inglewood the bustling community that we know now and in 1911, several years after its first business opened its doors, the city had finally decided to give it a proper name.

Inglewood was gifted its new moniker in honour of a nearby homestead lived in by Col. James Walker – the man who set aside the land for Calgary’s bird sanctuary.

Since then, the community has been renovated, restored and has become well known to both locals and tourists as a vibrant, unique neighbourhood with exceptional nightlife, fantastic food and one-of-a-kind business.

So there you have it, Calgary. Next time you’re over there, maybe lend your ear to the sidewalk. You might hear a story or two…  or you’ll hear nothing and just look ridiculous but it’s worth a try!