There’s nothing quite like a tasty holiday and this Friday, June 4th is one of our favourites. From Boston cream and honey glazed goodness to jelly-filled fritters and everything in between, donuts are one of the world’s most universally loved desserts. This year, in celebration of our favourite center-less sweet, we’ve put together a nifty list of 12 places to get the absolute best donuts in Calgary so all of you can really sink your teeth into the spirit of the event. Enjoy!


Calgary’s Pretty Sweet Bakery is well known for many things, but it’s their doughnuts that (ironically) really take the cake for us! From traditional faves to new-aged, more experimental flavours this YYC spot has become a favourite among those who often crave baked goods.

Where: 536 42 Avenue SE, Calgary
Instagram: @PrettySweetYYC


If YYC had an official city food – this would be it. To say that the Calgary Mini Donuts truck is simply just ‘worth hunting down’ would be a gross understatement – these folks are iconic, memorable and more than likely hold a special place in every Calgarian’s heart.

Where: See location here
Instagram: @Calgaryminidonuts

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Serving seasonal goodies and one-of-a-kind combinations, Ritual Doughnut is one to beat. Available largely through delivery, we advise anyone interested in taking a bite, to order well in advance. From week to week, these things are completely sold out for one reason…. they’re freaking delicious.

Where: Online here
Instagram: @RitualDoughnuts


If you know, you know! When Jelly Modern Doughnuts opened years ago they took Calgary by storm, but have they lost their lustre? Absolutely not. Serving some of the best-baked goods in the city this YYC success story shows no sign of slowing down, backing up or changing the way that they do our favourite dessert.

Where: 100 1414 8 Street SW
Instagram: @JellyModern 


From vegan-friendly to gluten-conscious goodies, Mountain Rhino has a ton of incredible eats, and they’re ALL accommodating – of course, that doesn’t mean that they don’t taste incredible! Though they have a variety of sweets, it’s really their doughnuts that really shine. Check out the link above for a full list of retailers that carry their product!

Where: See locations here
Instagram: @Mountain_Rhino


Our heart goes out to those who can’t eat gluten, it really is rough out there. Luckily, for those who crave something sweet but have to be careful about what they eat, Calgary’s seriously decadent Baked Doughnuts exists. Made with protein and topped sky-high with everything from icing to cookie dough, sprinkles and jam this place is unconventionally delicious, made with love and totally guilt/danger-free.

Where: #410, 751 3 Street SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @BakedBrands


Though they’re on our list for their unreal baked goods, Holy Cow does a little bit of everything. From pints of the good stuff to floats and warm pastries, these guys are kind of experts in everyday craving satisfaction. Here instead of just one – customers can actually get an entire cake made of insanely delish doughnuts! Can you think of any better way to commemorate International doughnut day!?

Where: 938 – 2nd Avenue NW, Calgary
Instagram: @HolyCowYYC


Located in the southwest of Calgary, this family-owned and operated business is a favourite among YYC foodies. From their incredible cheese buns to their made-with-love cakes, these guys have sweets down to a science. Their doughnuts? Well, those are no exception. You have to check them out.

Where: 3919 Richmond Rd SW #19, Calgary
Instagram: @GlamorganBakery



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Flavours on flavours on flavours! At Calgary’s Hoopla Donuts, you have so many different options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something soft and fluffy, or you need a box of vegan-friendly, gluten-free goodies, these guys have you and your tastebuds totally covered!

Where: See locations here
Instagram: @HooplaDonuts


Let us preface this by saying we absolutely have a favourite here and it’s the Serenity doughnut. With cinnamon cheese and candied walnuts, Beebop has created magic, but it doesn’t stop there. Though this is our go-to, they have something for everyone else – whether you crave chocolate, berries, coffee or hazelnut flavoured goodies, Beebop has got you.

Where: Unit 1 2015 4 Street SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Beebopdoughnut


Always made fresh to order, Dapper Doughnut is one of the cutest little spots on this list. Here in Canada, we love ourselves a doughnut hole, simply because you can eat more of them without feeling guilty – and that’s what you’ll get here! It’s a dang good thing too because they have so many flavours we’re not sure that we’d be able to choose between them anyway.

Where: 3625 Shaganappi Drive NW Calgary
Instagram: @ThedapperdoughnutCalgary


Created by two world travellers with an expert pallet for the good stuff, The Donut Club is a family-owned, family-operated business that absolutely blew up on TikTok in 2020. For this reason, we’d recommend that you pre-order yours right at 12 pm on Mondays when they go on sale because man, they’re amazing. With ever-changing flavours, a whole lot of love and a cult-like following, this one is a can’t miss!

Where: 616 17th Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @DonutClubYYC

Well, there you have it, friends. 12 places to get the absolute best donuts in Calgary! What a way to celebrate June 4th! Which one will you check out first?