Don’t get us wrong, we love to shop for the holidays. Especially when it means strolling through local shops and snagging gifts for ourselves while we’re at it. But since finding the best gems for loved ones can sometimes still be tricky, we can always use a bit of help from gift guides- like this one by Gastown!

Why Gastown? Well, for one, their curated Only in Gastown gift guide is freakin’ great. For two, the neighbourhood has been getting us into the holiday spirit for years, and they worked their holiday magic yet again. From lit up streets to one-of-a-kind stores to decked up storefronts to the return of the iconic Kiss Me in Gastown, there’s everything you need to feel the holiday cheer.

ICYMI, Kiss Me in Gastown is Gastown’s version of spreading love. There are 11 giant and gorg sprigs of mistletoe spread throughout this vintage Victorian beaut that is the neighbourhood. You can check out the exact location of all the mistletoes here or, if you’re feeling adventurous, embark on a mistletoe hunt.

The Gastown BIA has done us one better this year. They partnered with Evo and Easy Park to make it even easier for us to get to the fun. You can earn yourself 20 free minutes of Evo by sharing a picture of yourself in Gastown via the ‘gram. And you can park for free on Saturday’s in December (except Dec. 25) at the Easy Park at 151 W. Cordova St. 

Basically, not only are these unique gifts going to make you very popular with your loved ones this year, shopping for them is also going to be a delight. And here’s the absolute best part- you can even win these gifts as part of the 12 Days of Gastown giveaways on Insta here. All contests close at midnight on December 14th so act fast!

Now, to the guide!

#1 Blunt Umbrella by Rowan Sky


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Specifically for Vancouver rains

Price: $80

#2 Sangre De Fruta (handwash, lotion & tonic) by Inform Interiors

For an elevated self-care experience

Hand Wash Price: $60 / Hand Lotion Price: $120 / Refill Pouch Price: $102 / Tonic Price: $58

#3 Cove Sweat Suit by Nettle’s Tale


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For a warm and cozy Raincouver winter

Price: $200

#4 Lee Robert’s Limited Edition Print by Goldmoss Studio

For the art-enthusiasts in your life

Price: $350 (each)

#5 Western Teardrop Fedora by Cappelleria Bertacchi

For the fashion-forward lot in the gang

Price: $130

#6 Gastown Gimlet at Pourhouse

For the one who loves cocktails above all else

Price: $15

#7 Desigual Hamburgo Coat by Angel

For the quirky at heart

Price: $472.50

#8 Hirota Showa Style Coffee Cup by Out & About

For the one who prefers to enjoy their cuppa joe in style

Price: $72

#9 24 Karat Gold Acupressure Ear Seeds by The Nest Clinic


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For the wellness freaks on your list

Price: $35

#10 Chamber Vase with Dry Floral Arrangement by CNTRBND

For an aesthetically enriched décor addition

Price: $130

#11 Zero Waste Sewing Class by Chenko Studios


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For extending the holiday cheer and love to the planet

Price: $150

#12 Custom-Made Glasses by MOSH Frameworks

For those who want to navigate style with utmost comfort

Price: $995

There you have it, all the cool-ass gifts you’ll find only in Gastown. Whether it is to find seriously amazing gifts for your loved ones, to support local businesses, to escape the supply chain delays or all of the above, Gastown is clearly the place to be. 

Happy shopping you guys!