We all know that Vancouver is a hotspot for filming. Did you know Vancouver is one of the most filmed cities in the entire world behind L.A. and New York? And if you’ve ever recognized the city in a big movie or TV show, you know it’s true. But what productions are coming our way this year? Well, we’ve put together this list of some big movies and TV shows that are going to be filming in Vancouver in 2021.

Peter Pan (aka Bonfire)

According to Whatsfilming.ca, the production called “Bonfire” is actually called Peter Pan. And if it’s a remake of the classic story, we’re super excited to see what Wendy, Peter, and Captain Hook are up to. Reports last year noted that Sandra Bullock was attached to the film, but now it looks like Jude Law is the biggest name included. If it’s something else entirely, we’re equally excited.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist- Season 2

This musical TV show took over a lot of Vancouver, including UBC, during its first season and it looks like it’s back. The show is about a person, Zoey, who sees everyone around her randomly breaking into song and dance. Perfect for the musical lovers out there.

Riverdale- Season 5

riverdale vancouver

This perennial favourite is back, baby! Riverdale, which is now on its fifth season, is returning to the Lower Mainland to keep the train going. What’s going to happen to Archie and the gang? Who knows, but the show will likely showcase more of the area’s beautiful landscapes.

Kung Fu- Season 1

This one is interesting. Some people might remember the classic Kung Fu TV show from the 1970s starring David Carradine. Well, this is an updated version about a woman trained in the ways of martial arts and Shaolin values protecting her San Franciscan community. Some cool action is guaranteed.

Turner and Hooch Season 1

This is another throwback. Turner and Hooch is a 1989 movie about a detective, played by Tom Hanks, who solves crimes with a dog, played by a French Mastiff. This series is a remake of that story starring Josh Peck from Drake and Josh. Very exciting!

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Emerald Hill (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)

Sonic fans rejoice! A production known as “Emerald Hill,” is, according to Whatsfilming.ca, the sequel to 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Keen-eyed Sonic-players will remember that Emerald Hill is the first Zone in the second Sonic Game. When and where this will be filming is unknown, but it’ll likely be on the Island where the first one was filmed!


This is a more mysterious project. Directed by Mimi Cave, a director of many music videos by artists like Vance Joy and Danny Brown, is filming her directorial debut in the city. It’s produced by Adam McKay of Vice and The Big Short fame and the only info we have is that it’s a “Social thriller about the fear many women face every day.” Hmmm….

The Adam Project

ryan reynolds

This movie, directed by Stranger Things director and producer Shawn Levy, is a sci-fi movie about time travel. It’s about a man named Adam who travels back in time to help his younger self confront his dead father. Very interesting and very Freudian. Oh yeah, and it stars Ryan Reynolds.


This is a production that is wrapped in more mystery than the rest. Little is known about Ludwig other than that it is likely a series and is directed by the great director of Mudbound and some episodes of Empire, Dee Rees. Maybe it’s a remake of the controversial 1973 movie Ludwig? Or maybe that’s just a codename to throw us off? Either way, we’re excited to spot some Vancouver locals.

Swan Song

Directed by Benjamin Cleary, who won an Academy Award for his short film Stutterer, this movie is another sci-fi. It stars Mahershala Ali, Awkwafina, Glenn Close, Adam Beach, and Naomie Harri. And it’s about an alternative medical cure that creates a carbon copy of you. With these great actors, we’re stoked to see how it comes together.

While these are all exciting, nothing will ever beat the time that Jason punched a guy’s head off on West Hastings in Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.