We live in a stunning city with a park, pathway and green space for everyone. From beautifully landscaped gardens for lounging, picnicking and reading in; to open fields where you can work up a sweat, YYC has got you! One of the most popular ways to get out and about in the city? Running! So – if you’re like us and feel like you’ve taken too many laps around the block, here are 10 of the best places to go for a run in Calgary!


Located in the community of Edgemont, this gorgeous pathway overlooks the lush trees, bushes and ponds downhill from the houses in the area. Here, you can take 5 at a number of their picnic tables or the gazebo, add to your workout by veering off onto a nearby hiking trail or even use their public workout equipment. It’s worth checking out, folks!

Where: 9401 Edgebrook Blvd. NW


At Carburn Park, no two viewpoints are the same, no riverbed is alike and no path is unpleasant. Whether you plan to walk, a sprint or even a bike, this park is pretty vast and so are your opportunities. If after your jog you’re feeling up to it, hang out and have a fire, have a drink or just catch up with your running buddy!

Where: 67 Riverview Drive SE, Calgary



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Live in the inner city? Calgary’s East Village Riverwalk is the ultimate place to lean into its namesake or speed things up. This is by far one of the most scenic places to go for a run in the entire city, hands down -so don’t forget to charge your phone! You’re going to want to take a picture or two along the way.

Where:  6th Street and 6th Avenue SE, Calgary


Ah, Bowmont. If you guys have never been you are in for a ton of happy surprises! From waterfalls flowers and a ton of pups, this gorgeous park has many a pathway, all of which lead to something that is sure to keep your mind off the task at hand.

Where: 85 St. NW, Calgary


Feel like you’re hours away in the middle of nowhere. Griffith Woods will take you through trees and bushes, down banks and up hills until you’ve nearly forgotten where you parked your car. It’s peaceful, secluded and the ultimate place for a run.

Where: Entrances along Discovery Ridge Blvd SW, Calgary



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Oh, you want pathways? Well, as the largest urban park in Canada, Fish Creek has plenty. Even if you frequent this spot now, we can almost guarantee that there’s plenty that you have yet to see, so check back! If you’re going to go for a jog, this certainly isn’t a bad place to do it.

Where: Directions here


A personal favourite! For those who are looking to add a little magic to your daily activity, we’d definitely recommend checking out Edworthy Park. Of course, because it’s incredibly popular there’s a chance that you’ve already been, but it’s worth going again… and again… then again.

Where: 5050 Spruce Dr. SW, Calgary


Plan on doing a whole lot more than just going for a run? With Bow River access, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, tables and more, Shouldice Park is the ultimate place to go if you’re looking to soak up some sun and get your heart rate up before or after a run. It’s kind of like going to the gym and having access to all of the equipment, without having to go to the gym!

Where: 4900 Monserrat Dr. NW, Calgary



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Located along the Elbow River in Calgary’s Southeast, Lindsay park has all the makings for a perfectly relaxing day – even if you’re spending it on the run. From, picnic sites, playgrounds grass as far as the eye can see and a solid river bed, this one is definitely worth your time.

Where: 2225 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary


Could we even do a list about pathways and parks without adding this one on here?! A favourite amongst Calgarians, it should come as no surprise that PIP makes the top 10. By taking a run here any day of the week at any time, you’ll be surrounded by people running, walking dogs and playing frisbee. Is your Fit Bit telling you to pick up the pace? There are also plenty of geese that are more than willing to give you a good scare.

Where: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary

There you have it, YYC! 10 of the best places to go for a run in Calgary! Don’t push yourselves too hard out there – and please, stay hydrated! It’s going to be a long hot summer.