Hey, folks! We come to you bearing news of a great initiative that needs your help. Breakfast Club of Canada is aiming to gather as many resources it can in order to aid families across the country during these unprecedented times.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, over 1 million Canadian children faced difficulties around food security. Obviously, with unemployment on the rise and cities on lockdown, this number could see a significant rise from the 82,000 already facing food insecurity in Alberta.

No child or family child should go hungry, which is why Breakfast Club of Canada is aiming to raise $5 million or more in emergency funding to assist as many food-insecure families as possible.

breakfast club of canada

Now that’s where you come in! If you are in the position to, Breakfast Club of Canada is accepting donations of any amount. This can be done ​online​, or by texting CLUB to 20222. Any amount is appreciated, but if you’re not in the position to donate, don’t hesitate to spread the word!

You can help by adding The Club’s picture frame to your Facebook profile to support the cause. Click here to access the frame.

Be creative, draw a picture of a spin wheel with your kids and showcase it in your window to support The Club. Have you joined the quarantine baking craze? If so, bake and decorate some cookies with the colourful Breakfast Club spin wheel and drop them off for friends, family, and neighbours! Any ideas can help spread the word! Don’t forget to share on social and use the hashtag #FeedKidsNow and tag the Breakfast Club of Canada, too.

Typically, Breakfast Club of Canada would be distributing food through its breakfast program, but with social distancing measures in place and schools across the country closed, they have had to pivot in order to reach families in need.