Well, call us overly emotional, but a couple of overhead visuals really got us today, folks. Never underestimate the power of a good drone shot! Local entrepreneur, Barry Ehlert has created a stunning video showing how drastically the COVID-19 virus has impacted as a bustling city and thanking our health care workers.

The video is a series of wide-angle parking lot and playground shots. Roadways typically backed bumper to bumper are empty, and vibrant attractions like the Zoo and Telus Spark look haunting.

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Our throats were pretty tight after the few first fade-out transitions, and then we got a freaking shot of one of our hospitals. Honestly, if you aren’t choked up after seeing an empty Heritage Park, you absolutely will be at 54 seconds.

Maybe it’s the isolation blues, but we can’t imagine a dry eye past the 1-minute mark. We’d highly recommend checking out the video above… maybe even several times over?

Good luck with the rest of your day, guys. Barry Ehlert is a feelings magician and now we’re down a roll of 3-ply. We certainly did not buy that for our face, but the tears are real and sandpaper just won’t do.