17 seasons later, Alberta-shot western ‘Heartland’ is still going strong. In fact, according to Nielsen, it was the ninth most streamed show of 2023.

Want to take your love for the series off the small screen? Having been watched for 22.8 billion minutes last year, that’s no surprise and lucky for you, you won’t have to go far.

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Photo via Nielsen

According to Visit Calgary, there are several locations that you can visit all year round – most of which are in the southern town of High River.

In addition to the Museum of the Highwood’s exhibit dedicated to the show, you can also check out Maggie’s Diner.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to go inside, but you can take photos in front of the exterior and on occasion, take a peek through the window.

There’s also the High River Motor Hotel and George Lane Park which were featured in a few episodes.

As for THE ranch? While you won’t be able to visit the property, it’s located approximately 10 minutes west of Millarville or 45 minutes from High River – but don’t fret.

There are a ton of things to do and see while you’re in the area.

From props and easter eggs to merch and knick-knacks, fans are going to have a blast just walking around town.

If you can’t get enough and want to extend your TV tour – you’re in the right place.

Several other shows including The Last Of Us and Fargo have also been filmed in Alberta, not too far away from where Heartland was shot so saddle up and enjoy!

You’re in for the visit of your lifetime.

After all, there’s no place quite like Wild Rose Country.