Well, here’s one of those rankings you don’t want to be on top of. Orkin Canada just released a list of Canada’s Top 25 Bed Bug Cities and, yep you guessed it, Toronto came in first. If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be disinfecting our entire home now. Other top contenders include Sudbury at #2, then Oshawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Oof.

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Along with the ranking, Orkin Canada also gave some helpful tips for getting rid of and preventing the nasty little pests. Their tips include keeping luggage off your bed, using small plastic bags to pack clothing, and using metal luggage racks. You can read more about it right here.

Here is the full ranking of Canada’s 25 worst bed bug cities:

1. Toronto
2. Sudbury
3. Oshawa
4. Vancouver
5. Winnipeg
6. St. John’s, NL
7. Scarborough
8. Whitby
9. Edmonton
10. Ottawa
11. Halifax
12. Moncton
13. Hamilton
14. Timmins
15. North York
16. Mississauga
17. Etobicoke
18. Sault Ste Marie
19. Montreal
20. Calgary
21. Windsor
22. North Bay
23. Saskatoon
24. Regina
25. Brampton