No, you might not be able to travel right now, but your coffee can! How exactly? With Parachute, a Canadian subscription service that will deliver a different bag of beans to your door every month, from a different city somewhere in the world.

Most caffeinators have a ritual. Wake up, brew a cup of Joe, settle in for a long day of work, and then motor through it… before inevitably crashing at 3 pm because your beverage-induced anxiety takes over. This is the system that we’ve built and for the most part, it’s an alright one!

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But… what if we told you that it could be made a heck of a lot better? It’s definitely not a cure for the “I’m getting fired jitters,” but it will make them a heck of a lot more worth it.

From Peru to Guatemala, a subscription from Parachute will take your taste buds all over the globe. Each coffee has a unique flavour profile that will blow your socks off. Previous notes include Granny Smith apple, marmalade, marzipan, and cola (just to name a few.)

Beans are handpicked, in-season, and are pre-ground so that all you have to do is set your subscription then forget it until it finds its way to your mailbox!

Choose between 1 to 3 bags and then select “every 2 weeks,” or “every 4 weeks.” You can even change your settings at any time, so if you decide you need more or less, all you have to do is log in.

It might be worth checking out, if not for yourself then for someone else! There’s really nothing to lose especially because it’s honestly a heck of a lot cheaper than ordering Starbucks via Uber Eats every day. Give it a test drive and then make a decision. You’re more than likely to fall in love! People just can’t resist that Canadian charm! 

For more information on past beans or their services, check out their website below and enjoy! Happy Sipping, friends!


Where: Order online here