Prepare to be scared. If Halloween Haunt isn’t spooky enough for you, this haunted mansion in Ontario is the real deal and you can spend a night there this October.

Located in Penetanguishene, the Beck House is a red-brick Victorian home that dates way back to 1885.

As you pull up to the driveway, your jaw will drop in awe of its towering size.

Make your way up the dimly-lit staircase up to your bedroom on the third floor, where you’ll likely spend a thrilling sleepless night on the lookout for the resident ghosts.

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Photo via Airbnb

According to the home’s description on Airbnb, the Beck House was once owned by a lumber baron named Charles Beck, his wife and nine children.

Charles was a very influential man back in the day, building a large share of the town, as well as a large mill, general store, and box factory in Toronto.

“Whether you are a history buff or perhaps just ready to sleep in a haunted house you have come to the right place,” the description says.

The home has hundreds of excellent reviews and many of the guests who were seeking a spooky experience were definitely left satisfied.

Photo via Airbnb

‘”Very clean and spooky room with lots of activity in the room. In my opinion it’s haunted for sure,” says one review. “The ghosts are very friendly!”

“I fully agree that this location is haunted,” says another. “We had a lot of activity. I saw a shadow figure. We had motion sensor music box go off Heard a woman’s voice in the hall and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Whether you believe in the paranormal or simply love a good scare this time of year, the spirits of the Beck House are calling your name.

The Haunted House Apt 302

Where: Penetanguishene, Ontario
When: See available dates