Looks like our pregame plans for home games just got a lot more straightforward! The Seattle Mariners recently unveiled a huge new bar, taproom and more, called Hatback Bar & Grille. The best part? It’s opening across from T-Mobile Park. Now that’s what we like to call a… home run. Sorry.

As you can probably expect, Hatback is looking towards the franchises history for the design. The 150-person space will offer both indoor and outdoor seating, with a gold and blue colour scheme in homage to the team’s original colours. Heck, even the name is a nod to Mariners history… the more devoted sports fans will have recognized the connection to a Mariners icon, Ken Griffey, Jr.

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(TV announcer voice) But wait… there’s more! Adjacent to Hatback, the Mariners are also helping open Steelheads Alley. For this, they’ve partnered up with Rodney Hines and Metier Brewing Company, to create a microbrewery right there in the space. Seattle’s sports history continues here as well, as the ‘Steelheads’ were the city’s team in the Negro Baseball League during the 1940s.

And lastly, for the more summery days visitors can expect a full-blown beer garden adjacent to the space, just in case you didn’t have enough options already. Yeah, this is a seriously major addition for the sports bar scene in the city, and we can’t wait to check it out!

Hatback Bar & Grille and Steelheads Alley

When: Slated to open this August
Where: 1201 1st Ave S