If you’ve been ordering in a lot, you might just be in the mood for pizza. Because we sure are. And not to mention, our city has some really forking good pizza so we might as well take advantage of that. So whether you’re ordering for a movie night, a one-person picnic in the park, or just because, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 17 picks for the best pizza in Vancouver.

Virtuous Pie

virtuous pie

The healthiest option on this list, Virtuous Pie offers 100% plant-based pizza for those looking to improve their diet or help the earth a little bit. The 10-inch individual pizzas range from classic Margherita to curry pizza to chorizo and artichoke. They have multiple locations but we’re most inclined to go to the one on Main Street.

Options: Takeout or delivery with Uber Eats and Door Dash

Straight Outta Brooklyn

Normally we love stopping in for a single slice but times are different. That being said, their pizza is really freaking good so we definitely don’t mind having a whole pie. And as the name suggests, you can expect New York-style pizza that’ll have you coming back time and time again.

Options: Takeout or delivery

Caffé Di Beppe

di beppe

Caffé Di Beppe’s daily offerings are a great option for lunch or an afternoon snack. And now you can have their whole menu at home! Buy it by weight, get a little pastry for dessert, and feel good about supporting a local pizza spot.

Options: Takeout or delivery

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Nicli Antica Pizzeria

nicli pizza

The first pizza place to be VPN certified (and still only one of two in the city), Nicli gets to claim that it is truly authentic Napoletana style pizza. The crust is amazing, the toppings are the highest quality, and the space is beautiful.

Options: Takeout or delivery

Via Tevere

via tevere

If you guessed that Via Tevere is the other VPN certified pizza, congrats, you’re right. Your prize is our permission to go try this amazing spot, aptly named after the street in Naples where the founders spent the majority of their childhood summers.

Options: Takeout or delivery


bufala pizza

Although VPN certification is a sign of great pizza, Bufala is a testament to the outstanding quality of those without it. Also prepared Neapolitan style, Bufala does a wide variety of mouth-watering pizzas.

Options: Takeout or delivery


best pizza vancouver
This hidden Kitsilano gem has some amazing wood-fired pizza. And now you can enjoy it at home! Plus you can order a bottle of wine or two to enjoy alongside your tasty pie.

Options: Takeout or delivery

The Parlour

parlour pizza

This place normally serves party pizza in its party-centric and very Yaletown venue. Although due to COVID-19 we’re all now partying less. So if you want party pizza at home, give Parlour a try.
Options: Takeout or delivery with DoorDash


nightingale pizza

As the sister restaurant of Hawksworth, Nightingale can be counted on for some of the best food, not just pizza, in the city. The prices are right, and you get to have the joy of eating bougie pizza.

Options: Takeout or delivery


nook pizza

Since opening the first location in 2009, Nook has become a Vancouver staple. And that’s because they serve up some mean Italian cuisine. So if you want both pizza and pasta and all the things in between, check out Nook.

Options: Takeout or delivery

Marcello Ristorante and Pizzeria

marcello pizza

If there’s an OG Italian pizza spot in Vancouver, this is probably it. Marcello Lombardo, the owner, and head chef was born in Palermo and had a restaurant in the Adriatic Riviera before starting up in Vancouver. Neopolitan style pizza, maybe the best lasagna in the city (irrelevant to the story but true), how can you go wrong?

Options: Takeout or delivery 

Pizza Garden

best pizza vancouver
You know what? Pizza Garden is pretty dang good for being more of a chain brand of pizza. That being said, they have tons of locations and a large menu. So you can get your favorite pizza pretty much anywhere in metro Vancouver and you gotta love that.

Options: Takeout or delivery

Pizzeria Farina

farina pizza

The first of our trio for only pizza joints, Pizzeria Farina has been a staple for takeout pizza in our lives for years. And now they’re really coming clutch because well, we’re all eating takeout

Options: Takeout or delivery 

Pizzeria Barbarella

pizza barbarella

This East Van staple has a pizza forward menu, although you can get some great salads and desserts to make a full meal of it. They use local and organic ingredients, and of course, everything is hand-made. And they’re offering a 15% happy hour discount on pick up orders between 2-4 pm.

Options: Takeout or delivery with DoorDash and UberEats

Did’s Pizza

best pizza vancouverThis joint has been around since 1983 so it has to be decent. You might know this place by the terrifying chef statue outside. Well, now you don’t have to eat pizza in fear because Did’s will deliver to you. So expect some seriously classic and tasty pizza pie.

Options: Delivery

Nat’s Pizza

nats pizza

Bada bing! Another Vancouver OG, but this time for New York-style pies. Cooked to perfection with any topping you might like, these thin-crust behemoths have been a guilty pleasure of ours for years. Another irrelevant fact, but the Cold Chicken Deluxe is one of our favourite sandwiches in the city as well.

Options: Takeout or delivery 

Fire Pizza

best pizza vancouver
As the name suggests, this Commercial Drive staple is fire. And on top of that, they serve truly loaded pizza. Seriously, there are so many toppings its insane. So if you’re extra hungry, Fire Pizza is for you.

Options: Takeout or delivery

That’s it Vancouver, from traditional to neighbourhood gems you have all these amazing pizza joints at your fingertips. We hope these make your quarantine a little bit better. Let us know if we missed your favourite!