The time has come for us to make a de facto guide to the best clothing stores in Canada, and not just because a lot of stores are doing their summer sales. Although, that does play a part. Anyway, never again will you have to worry about shopping at the ‘cool store’ next time you’re on vacation.

Here is our guide to the best clothing stores in Canada, from coast to coast.


High- Neighbour/Woman

neighbour woman

Neighbour Woman is the perfect introduction to the world of high fashion for women. Yes, the prices are higher than what you’d find at your average women’s store, but the attention to detail and creativity of the designers makes it more than worth it. Buy a piece to start, find out why it’s so great, get addicted to the store.

Where: 45 Powell Street

Low- Community Thrift and Vintage

community thrift

Two different stores that are like a block away from one another. While the ‘frock shoppe’ is women’s only, the regular store has great thrifted tees, pants, and jackets. Vancouver’s vintage game is some of the best in the country, and Community is a shining star in the scene.

Where: 11 W Hastings Street

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Low- Velour Clothing Exchange

velour clothing exchange

Having started out as a pop-up shop, Velour has become a go-to for those looking for quality vintage in Calgary. They sell a bunch of consigned stuff, as well as a selection of affordable jewellery and accessories from local designers.

Where: 1022 17 Avenue SW #200

High- Understudy


Let’s face it, Calgary is not exactly the pinnacle of contemporary fashion. Well, at least not intentionally, but the resurgence of western themes might give them a boost. Anyway, one of the stores helping us along is Understudy, which offers labels that have excelled internationally and are approachable locally.

Where: 1312 1 Street SW


Low/Mid- Workhall Studio


We’re cheating here because the focus is on the value of what Workhall creates, not the price point. Easy to wear, casual garments shine here, and you’re guaranteed to find something that not only stands out from a crowd but will last you since they offer complimentary alterations. Goodbye, fast fashion aesthetics.

Where: 10130 100 Street NW

High- gravitypope


Since starting out in Edmonton in 1990, gravitypope has expanded across the country. You must be doing something right if you can survive in the fashion game for close to three decades and have brick and mortar stores in Toronto and Vancouver simultaneously. Lucky for us, gravitypope is doing something right- curating solid, contemporary pieces for men and women alike.

Where: Multiple locations


Low- Annex Vintage

annex vintage

A trendy (in a good way) spot in Mile End that focuses on vintage clothing and showcasing local artists. This is the spot to go to when you’ve got maybe $40 left over from your last paycheck and are feeling like treating yourself. Fresh t-shirt, making a couple of patches, and you’re cruising into the weekend.

Where: 56 Rue Saint Viateur O



SSENSE is, for lack of a better word, madness. What started as a graduate thesis for computer engineering has literally changed the world of e-commerce as we know it. Every retailer, big and small, now sets their clocks off of what SSENSE is doing. And they better, since these guys sell Vans just as readily as $14k Fendi coats.

Where: 418 St Sulpice Street


Low- Better Gift Shop

better gift shop

The brainchild of Avi Gold, who has been a heavyweight in the Toronto scene for years. Better is a mixture of t-shirts, collaborations, and the ‘gift shop’, which is basically a curated collection of high-quality vintage clothing. If DSM signs off on it, so do we, it’s a rule.

Where: 558 Dundas Street W

High- Soop Soop

soop soop

A womenswear boutique that specializes in ‘low to high’ fashion. What does that mean? You can buy yourself some Crocs as you drop $300 on a t-shirt. Even better news? You’ll walk away happy that you bought both.

Where: 1319 Dundas Street W

Confession time, we here at Curiocity are major fashion nerds, and we absolutely love writing about it. So, we hope that you trust us when we say that these are the best clothing stores in Canada because word around the horn is that we are the influencer’s influencer. That’s right, that’s the level we’re on.