Oh, summer, we’ve been expecting you. Summer brings some of our fave things like parks, patios, and pals… And what better way to enjoy all those things than with some big honkin’ burgers, Calgary? Hopefully, you’re not reading this with an empty stomach ’cause y’all are about to be starving. We’ve teamed up with our friends at CRAFT Beer Market to bring you eight of the best burgers to delight your taste buds with!


burgers calgary
We all know CRAFT for having over 100 beers on tap, but what you might not know is CRAFT’s summer menu now features six drool-worthy burgers. Coming in as top contender, CRAFT’s Classic Burger 2.0 has upped the ante and brought in two patties…cuz two is always better than one! 😉 This revamped burger has full-bragging rights with its all-natural 100% Canadian beef patty, house-made bun and CRAFT’s signature kick-ass burger sauce. If the veg-life is more your vibe, all burgers can be switched for a Beyond Meat patty and lettuce wrap!


Give us the beef boys and free our soul– we want to get lost in burgers at Boogie Burgers. Self-proclaiming that Boogie Burgers “don’t just delight one’s palate but seduce it for all eternity” is bang on. Bold, but bang on. We’re with ya Boogies Burgers! Keep dishin’ up some of the best Calgary burgers in show and we will keep eatin’ them!


burgers calgary
A neighbourhood gem in Calgary’s community of Seton, Starbelly is a local favourite among south-siders. They put it to us straight: fancy sauce, bacon, aged white cheddar, fried onions, fresh tomatoes… k, they had us at fancy. If that doesn’t have you dialing in a reso for tonight, we’ve got bigger problems here. Starbelly makes all their creations from scratch and is serving up menu items inspired from global cuisines around the world.


burgers calgary
Often referred to as a ‘thing of wonder’ this beauty of a burger comes ripe for the eatin’. Whoever thought we’d see foraged mushrooms and Shropshire cheddar on a burger– leave it to the Nash to take a twist on a known classic. Stackin’ those toppings mile high, the Nash adds immense flavaa flaveeee to butter up your burger.


burgers calgary
Choose from N9NA’s award-winning burgers! From the Poutine Stuffed to the Elvis Stuffed to the Bacon Mac N Cheese Stuffed burgers– and that’s only to name a few– N9NA is not messing around here, Calgary. Can a burger really be a thing of beauty? At N9NA’s it really can! Wear the stretchiest of the stretchy pants or loosen those belts, it’s ’bout to get cheesy up in here!


burgers calgary
Looking to amp up your Instagram game? Head to Blue Star Diner and get a pic in front of one of the most Instagrammable walls in Calgary! Besides that, Blue Star Diner is servin’ up some of Bridgeland’s favourite burgers. With options coming out the ying-yang, level up your burger game and choose from veggie burgers, pesto burgers, chorizo burgers, bison burgers– you really can’t go wrong here guys! Blue Star Diner is only dishing out the best in business by using locally sourced and freshly produced ingredients to give the people what they want!


burgers calgary
Take a ride on the dragon’s side with the Dragon’s Lair. Tucked away in Westbrook Mall, this mom and pop shop garners a big menu. Stacked full of burger options from 100% lean ground beef to gluten-free, this food court storefront is a must-try this summer season. The trip is well worth the ride (even just to have a taste of the house-made secret Dragon Sauce).


burgers calgary
Nestled in the home of Bowness, NOtaBLE’s burgers are a thing to behold. Elements of earth, fire, water and air are the philosophy for great cooking at NOtaBLE. With fresh ingredients ground to perfection, NOtaBLE’s burger is cooked over an open flame… Yes, a wood-burning fire. Choose from the Organic BC Salmon Burger or the classic NOtaBLE Cheeseburger. See ya in the ‘Ness Calgary!

There you have it, 8 of Calgary’s best burgers that you need to try this summer! Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.