Hey Calgs, if you’ve been following the Calgary Flames, you’ll know that they’re doing pretty hot. If you haven’t been following, well, they’re doing pretty hot! Now that everyone’s in the know, we want to remind you to keep the support going for our boys in red to make sure they make it to the playoffs. They’ve only got a couple of months of the regular season left, so get your tickets now and cheer like you’ve never cheered before!

Let’s face it, hockey fans are a different breed of humans and we’ve teamed up with the Calgary Flames to highlight a few of our favorite types to look out for. Next time you find yourself in the C of Red, take a look around and see if you can spot these fans.

The Rager Fan

Die-hard, trash talker, and obnoxious are just a few words to describe this fan. We love them for adding to the vibe of the game, but love from afar is very applicable in this case. We know they are just here to have fun, but let’s not ruin a good time for everyone else.

The “Pocket Dawg First” Fan


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It’s no lie that food and beer are some of the most important elements of the ‘Dome experience. However, there are fans out there that don’t think a game is complete without their hands full of items from the concession. Pocket Dawg First fans are there extra early since they know their beloved Dawgs sell out every time. We call that dedication.

The Playoff-only Fan

harvey the hound C of red

While true fans may find these people insufferable, they make up a large portion of the fan base. The good thing is we’re all cheering for the same people and there’s nothing better being apart of the C of Red in all it’s glory- together.

The True Fan

types of flames fans

These guys are the real MVP’s. He can tell you the stat line of every single one of the players, he plans his week around games, his phone autocorrects normal words to Hockey player names and his idea of a dream date is a Flames Game. Respect.

The Lost Fan


Yes, they’re a thing. These are the ones that just wanted a fun night out and either got convinced or forced to a game. The potential to convert them into fans is high since they’ll probably have a blast. A couple of ‘Dome beers will do it too.

Now that you have a definitive guide of types of Flames fans, we guarantee you’ll see them all at the game. Show your support and get tickets to the next game. Go Flames Go!