Gastown is a dense neighbourhood, we’re not going to lie about it. There are tons of places to shop, ranging from thrift stores to high fashion. And we’ve spent a lot of time in Gastown, so this list is going to be extensive.

Here are the 15 best places to shop for clothing in Gastown.

Nouvelle Nouvelle

nouvelle nouvelle

This spot does both men and womenswear with a focus on contemporary fashion. Their stocklist includes Wood Wood, Opening Ceremony, and our favourite brand for basics, Stan Ray. Great for looking like you belong in New York, without breaking the bank.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-6PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 302 W Cordova Street

Menu Skateboard Shop

menu skate shop

Menu has got everything you need to look like you spend your weekends at Plaza. Their brand list includes underground heavyweights GX1000 and Sneeze alongside more staple names like Dime, Polar, and Palace. It doesn’t hurt that their own clothing, when they put it out, looks cool as hell too.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 11AM-6PM
Where: 332 Water Street


stussy vancouver

It’s official- Stüssy is as cool as it ever was. A focus on high-quality construction, fun graphics, and sweet collaborations has brought Stüssy back to the forefront of streetwear. Pick up a t-shirt, some beach pants, and a couple accessories and you’ll be all set for any casual occasion. Word to the wise, it’s pronounced St-oo-ssy. Not Stussy. That’s what the umlaut is for.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: 49 Powell Street

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Plus Consignment

Plus consignment

Plus is for the skater that also won big at the casino last night. Very expensive and very rare best defines this spot for Supreme, A Bathing Ape and Jordan’s. Check out our exclusive article on them for more information.

Hours: Daily, 11ishAM-7PM
Where: 239 Abbott Street

Community Thrift and Vintage/Frock Shoppe

community thrift

Our favourite spot in the city for vintage clothing, Community is a not-for-profit organization that actively supports the DTES community. The spot on Hastings is unisex, while the Frock Shoppe around the corner focuses on womenswear. Both are great.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
When: 11 W Hastings for the main store, 311 Carrall Street for the Frock Shoppe

Far Out Vintage

far out vintage

A relative newcomer to brick and mortar but a veteran on the Etsy scene, Far Out Vintage specializes in legitimate vintage pieces. This means you’re more likely to find a dress from the 70s than you are a t-shirt from the early 2000s, although on a good day you’ll be able to get both.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 12PM-6PM, Thursday to Saturday, 12PM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 165 E Cordova Street


faulkner vintage

This spot is now known for its eclectic mix of vintage designer, but they’re not too proud to throw some bootleg pieces in there every once in a while. Of course, they’re honest about it, and that’s what makes this spot so great- high turnover and a great range of products.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12PM-6PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 136 E Hastings Street

Hey Jude

hey jude

Operating in the intersection between a true vintage store and a fashion retailer, Hey Jude handpicks their pieces and upcycles them as need be. They also showcase Vancouver jewellery and homeware designers. It’s a great spot to stay in the know for Vancouver’s trends.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM-6PM and Sunday/Monday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 315 Abbott Street

One of a Few

One of a Few

One of a Few is one of the few places to get really great contemporary womenswear in Vancouver. They’re always on the hunt for the latest brands to capture modern fashion, and from the looks of it, they’re succeeding. We’re big fans of Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and this store carries them.

Hours: Monday to Thursday/Saturday, 11AM-6PM, Friday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 353 Water Street


neighbour woman

Neighbour Woman is the perfect introduction to the world of high fashion for women. Yes, the prices are higher than what you’d find at your average women’s store, but the attention to detail and creativity of the designers makes it more than worth it. Buy a piece to start, find out why it’s so great, get addicted to the store.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: 45 Powell Street



This high-end menswear store never fails to disappoint. They’ve built a cult following over the past few years, half because of the brands and half because of their incredible Instagram presence. Comme des Garcons, Acne, and Lemaire are all present here, alongside a few lesser (but should be more) known brands.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: #125, 12 Water Street (in the courtyard)

Roden Gray

roden gray

Roden Gray has asserted itself as a world-class destination for high fashion. The brand list is bonkers, ranging from Thom Browne to Raf Simons, and is essentially a who’s who of luxury menswear. Know how some stores are for those looking to ball out on a budget? Roden Gray is not one of those places. They do have great t-shirts and socks that are relatively cheap though…

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: 8 Water Street



Probably the most well-known menswear store in the city, HAVEN is equal parts streetwear and high fashion. Their bread and butter is Japanese design, but every once in a while they’ll get in a shoe that completely captures the hypebeast community, like a Yeezy or a rare Nike release.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Where: 52 E Cordova Street

John Fluevog Shoes

john fluevog

This store is a must for anyone who’s not been to Vancouver before. Now an international presence, John Fluevog had its humble beginnings in Gastown in the 70s. The space itself is one of the most interesting in the city, a perfect compliment to the out-there shoe designs that fill it.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday/Saturday, 10AM-7PM, Thursday/Friday, 10AM-8PM and Sunday 12PM-6PM
Where: 65 Water Street

lululemon lab

lululemon lab

Credit where credit is due, lululemon lab creates some of the most functional clothing for Vancouver. One of only two in the world, this concept space features designs that can’t be purchased in regular lululemons or online. Perfect for one-upping your workout buddy.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM
Where: 50 Powell Street

And that’s our clothing guide for Gastown! Hopefully, you’ll be a bit better equipped next time you head down there.