We’re keeping the comfort food train rolling with a look at Vancouver’s best Italian restaurants. And, since there’s so many of them, we’re going straight Italian. That’s right, no fusion, no ‘Italian-inspired’, not even pizza focused spots, since we already did that. Just the good stuff. Scratch that, the great stuff.

Here are our picks for Vancouver’s best Italian restaurants.

Ask For Luigi

ask for luigi

The classic spot for Italian in Vancouver, which shows no sign of slowing down. While the dinner service is fantastic, the brunch is equally as good. Pasta for breakfast? Who would have thought it could be so nice.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11:30AM-2:30PM/5:30-10:30PM and Saturday/Sunday, 9:30AM-2:30PM/5:30-11PM
Where: 305 Alexander Street

Di Beppe Restaurant

di beppe restaurant

While the cafe got the nod for some of the best pizza in town, the restaurant has earned its place amongst Van’s best Italian spots in general. We recommend trying out their simple, yet oh so good cacio e pepe dish. Or, go all out on the lasagna.

Hours: Daily, 5PM-10PM
Where: 8 W Cordova Street

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Savio Volpe

savio volpe

We’re happy to say that Savio Volpe is one of the few places that does ‘modern rustic’ perfectly. We recommend grabbing a few friends and dining family-style here since you’re going to want a taste of practically everything on the menu.

Hours: Daily, 5PM-10:30PM
Where: 615 Kingsway



The younger sibling of Savio Volpe, although it really looks like an old uncle. The classic Italian spaghetti house vibe is on point, as are their signature dishes. A plate of spaghetti followed by some tiramisu? Pinch us, we must be dreaming.

Hours: Daily, 5PM-10:30PM
Where: 631 Commercial Drive


autostrada vancouver's most beautiful restaurants

Split between the simpler osteria on Main Street and the more complex location downtown, Autostrada hits a high note when it comes to casual dining. Of course, casual doesn’t mean forgettable, on the contrary, this is a spot that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression every time.

Hours: Vary per location
Where: 4811 Main Street and 350 W Pender Street

La Quercia

la quercia

Honestly, one of our top picks amongst this elite list. The northern Italian cuisine is always on point and is sure to delight you each and every time you step in there. Seriously, La Quercia is a must-try.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 5PM-10:30PM, Closed Sunday and Monday
Where: 3689 W 4th Avenue


lupo quail

An underrated spot in Yaletown that has perfected ‘modern Italian’ cuisine. We’re always surprised to find that some of our friends have yet to go because we assume everyone would have recognized just how tasty this spot is.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 5PM-9PM and Saturday/Sunday, 5PM-9:30PM
Where: 869 Hamilton Street



Giardino has a special place in our heart on the atmosphere alone. It is truly the most opulent spot on this list, and lucky for us, has the food quality to match. We’re a bunch of cheapskates at Curiocity, but we will happily blow some cash here. Plus, they’ve got one of the city’s best patios.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 5:30PM-10PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 1328 Hornby Street

La Buca

la buca

While their newest venture, Sorella, might be a bit more buzzworthy, it is La Buca that gets the nod for their enduring, intimate dining experience. Seriously, this spot is a true hidden gem in the city, and another one that doesn’t need us to hype it up.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 5PM-9:30PM and Friday/Saturday, 5PM-10PM
Where: 4025 MacDonald Street

And there you have it folks, the secret it out. These are our top picks for Vancouver’s best Italian restaurants. Catch us carb-loading at one of these spots per week, without fail.