If we’re being honest, the last few days we probably would have starved had it not been for delivery. From now on, we’re planning our grocery shopping around our willingness to brave the cold to avoid a windchill-induced empty fridge. Tonight, it’s all Netflix, comfort food and our couch! We can imagine there are some like-minded potatoes out there, so we decided to help you guys out!

Here are some great comfort food spots that offer delivery in each area of Calgary:


Pie Junkie

Pie Junkie is known for their sweets, but their savoury pies are where it’s at when the temperature dips. We’d recommend their chicken pot pie, but they’ve got a ton to choose from. The world is your oyster. Pie oyster, in fact

Where: 1081 2 Ave NW, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes



Carmines is an office favourite, so we’re a bit biased. Consider yourself lucky that you’re in an area where they deliver to you. Their pizza is huge, their lasagna is cheesy, and the people that run the place are just the nicest.

Where: 390 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes


Atlas Pizza

The cheese! THE CHEESE. So much cheese. Atlas Pizza is another Calgary favorite and a NE staple. This is comfort food delivery at it’s very stringy-est.

Where: 6060 Memorial Drive NE, Calgary
Service: DoorDash

Chicken on the Way

With a name like that, how could they not deliver?! Chicken on the Way is one of those “guilty pleasure” restos. Their chicken is crispy, kind of greasy (but in a good way), and their corn fritters are super good. This place is definitely curl up on a couch and binge watch The Circle on Netflix worthy.

Where: 114-5401 Temple Dr NE, Calgary
Service: DoorDash, Uber Eats


Big Cheese Poutinerie

Cheese. Gravy. Fries. Mounds and mounds of fries. If that doesn’t scream comfort food, then nothing does. Big Cheese is Calgary’s favourite poutinerie. They’ve got tons of flavor combinations, their fries are perfect, and they’re quick!

Where: 738 – 17th Ave SW, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes, DoorDash

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Universe Restaurant


Universe Restaurant is a favourite amongst foodies and downtown dwellers alike. They’re known more for their incredible breakfast, but they’ve also got really great pizzas, hearty sandwiches and pasta, and their portion size is out of this world. Huh, we wonder if that’s where they got their name?

Where: 1415 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes, DoorDash


Fiesta Market & Restaurant

Alright, if you’ve never been to Fiesta Market and Restaurant, you’re not doing yourself any favours. Make it up to yourself by ordering their tortilla soup. It’s crazy good.

Where: 240 Midpark Way SE #25, Calgary
Service: DoorDash


If you’ve never tried Salvadorian food, you’re in for a treat! QueChivo is actually a food truck, and you don’t see a lot of food trucks on delivery apps. Alas, this is quite the treat. These guys makes bomb tamales and empanadas stuffed with fresh, flavorful ingredients.

Where: 12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes


Gaucho Brazillian BBQ


We were shocked when we found out these guys delivered. Named after the “cowboys of South America,” Gaucho is an authentically Brazilian and extremely filling BBQ joint. Everything is perfectly marinated and the portion sizes are huge. What’s cozier than some BBQ?

Where: 5920 Macleod Trail SW #100, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes

Pho Express

Alright, what’s more comforting than a piping hot bowl of pho? Nothing, other than maybe a second bowl. Curl up and warm yourself from the inside out.

Where: 4604 37 St SW, Calgary
Service: SkipTheDishes

There you have it, pals. Hopefully, some of these comfort food delivery in Calgary spots fill your stomach, while you continue to fill that permanent divot in your couch. Happy ‘flix-ing!