From exposed brick to huge splashes of color, to classic finishes and old-school-cool, the most beautiful restaurants in Seattle have every theme covered. It’s pretty hard to know where you should plan your next night out, dinner party, or selfie-spot, so we’ve collected some beautiful Seattle restaurants for you to take advantage of!

Here are our picks for some of the most beautiful restaurants Seattle has to offer. Enjoy!

The Pink Door

The Pink Door Seattle Beautiful restaurants

Named after the beautiful pink door that you walk through prior to entering, this restaurant’s interior is even cooler than the exterior. With a vintage pinstripe theme across the booths, giant floor-to-ceiling windows, and antique gold mirrors hanging across the shiplap and exposed brick walls, it is clear that this Italian hotspot did not hold back on their interior vision.

Where: 1919 Post Alley

The Hart & The Hunter – Palisociety Hotel

seattle beautiful restaurants

Located in the Palihotel, this restaurant is absolutely stunning. With the black and white checkered floor tieing in the pistachio green leather on the booths and rustic white painted walls together seamlessly, this space is perfect for an intimate soirée. Every detail is what makes an experience truly memorable, and it’s clear that this was carefully considered throughout the design process for The Heart and the Hunter.

Where: 107 Pine St

Oddfellows Cafe

seattle beautiful restaurants

From the expert Seattle food and drink crew, The Derschang Group, comes this delightful cafe and bar that we can’t get enough of. The rustic, industrial restaurant is the perfect spot to settle down with some work, snap a selfie, and then scroll through Insta for 2 hours. We’re not kidding…once you’re in here, time flies and you absolutely won’t want to be leaving.

Where: 1525 10th Ave

Tulio Ristorante

seattle beautiful restaurants

Sometimes there is plenty of beauty to find in simplicity, and the ultra-classy, ultra-classic Tulio Ristorante defends that notion wonderfully. Dark wooden finishes, old-school ambiance, and high-brow service and offerings round out the entire experience.

Where: Kimpton Village Hotel-1100 5th Ave

Little Neon Taco

little neon taco beautiful seattle restaurants

This Mexican taco spot is as modern as it is timeless. With a custom built-in-shelving unit full of plants, vintage coke and Mexican jarritos bottles, the shelf brings artwork to the walls all on its own. The tall, rattan bar stools are tropical and bohemian, and take us back to a hot vacation day in a heartbeat. Small details like the hot pink tips on the bottoms of the dining chairs show that no element was overlooked when designing this joint.

Where: 1011 Boren Ave

Bar Melusine

seattle beautiful restaurants bar melusine

Clean lines, white walls, and dream decor make this an Instagrammer’s dream. If you’re looking for a fresh splash of delicious food and gorgeous atmosphere, then Bar Melusine has you covered in spades. This is a perfect spot for the spring and summer, so get a move on, people!

Where: 1060 E Union St,

Wilmott’s Ghost

wilmott's ghost

When talking about beautiful restaurants in Seattle, it is impossible to leave off Wilmott’s Ghost. Brushed full of millennial pinks and a bright, playful atmosphere, we’re pretty sure your Instagram followers will go crazy over this one. The mid-century design of Wilmott’s Ghost is unique and oh-so visually appealing. From navy blue booths that wrap around a round marble table with a pastel green bottom to the gold light fixtures and rich mahogany seating, this resto is worth a visit and definitely a selfie or two. Oh, and it’s inside The Spheres, so that should tell you enough about how cool it is.

Where: 2100 6th Ave


seattle restaurants beautiful

Oh, go figure…it’s another restaurant from The Derschang Group! We’re not complaining, though. Tallulah’s has earned a spot in the hearts of every Seattle decor-lover who has walked through its doors. From the lush hanging plants to the walls filled with eclectic paintings, pictures, and posters, every nook & cranny has a new decor surprise.

Where: 550 19th Ave E


seattle beautiful restaurants

Okay, so we might be cheating with this one. Even though it’s not quite a ‘restaurant’ in the traditional sense, this modern-day tea room is one of the most Instagrammable places we’ve seen in a while. The interior features an entire wall filled with pink walls and banana leaf wallpaper (hello selfies), coveted mid-century chairs, speckled white countertops, tiny square subway tiles, and tons of adorable details. The food and drink are just as picture perfect so be sure to order yourself a matcha latte and donut when you stop by. Gotta pump the foodiegram, after all.