Well, the seasons are changing and you might want to switch up your wardrobe for it. Luckily, we’ve got a guide of the best spots for vintage clothing in Edmonton. Look stylish and fresh without breaking the bank. Or, splurge on some of the rarest fashion around the city. Either works!

Here are 9 great vintage clothing spots in Edmonton.

Red Pony Consignment

vintage clothing edmonton

Red Pony offers a great mix of contemporary consignment options. You could grab a simple sweater with some fun graphics, or go all out on a full ensemble. Either way, you’re guaranteed to find something spectacular for your next big night.

Where: 9940-82 Ave

Swish Vintage


For those who love actual vintage clothing, Swish should be at the top of your list. The thoughtfully curated selection includes rarities from the 80s and earlier. Never again will you worry about seeing the same dress while you’re out and about.

Where: 10181 101 Street NW

Whyte Avenue Vintage

vintage clothing edmonton

The first of three spots for the streetwear savvy out there. Whyte Avenue Vintage specializes in the kind of unique tee-shirts that you know can be found at Value Village, but never are. Luckily, their prices are low enough that you can grab a few things and still get a great deal.

Where: Online or via pop-up locations

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The Come Up

the come up

Now we’re getting into some prices that might confuse the more frugal shoppers. The Come Up focuses on hard to find and sought after items, and has the prices to reflect it. That said, there are still some great deals to be had. We’re particularly fans of the Nike x A Cold Wall AF1s.

Where: 10359 82 Ave NW B101

From Another

vintage clothing edmonton

This spot goes hand in hand with The Come Up. But, we will say that you shouldn’t discount either one when shopping around. From Another has been around a little longer too, and (from what we’re seeing) goes into some more niche fashion trends. Our top pick? A Gucci sweater for $500, since similar ones are $1500+ online.

Where: 10444 82 Ave NW

Wildrose Vintage


Although there’s no physical location, Wildrose Vintage might be our top pick from this list. Seriously, the variety and price point puts this pick amongst our top vintage dealers in Canada. From old tourist tees to rare band ones, this is a vintage lover’s dream.

Where: Online

Third Wheel Vintage

vintage clothing edmonton

Third Wheel is just a little bit pricier than Wildrose on average. But, the shirts here are a little rarer and a little weirder on average. Like The Come Up and From Another, these two picks go hand in hand whenever you’re shopping around.

Where: Online, various pop-ups

Blogger Armoire

blogger armoire

This list wouldn’t be complete without some true high fashion consignment. And, Blogger Armoire gets the nod for the best selection. If you’re finally ready to splurge on a Chanel bag, definitely see what they’re got before buying something online.

Where: 11523 100 Ave NW

Value Village/Goodwill/Random Thrift Stores around Edmonton

value village

The honest truth is that vintage stores partly exist because somebody takes the time to comb through thrift stores. So, you could just develop a ‘picker’ mindset and ask the stores when they put out new items, and work it into your schedule. It might seem like a lot of work, but we promise there’s gold in them there hills.

Where: All around the city

And that’s our guide to some great spots for vintage clothing in Edmonton! We hope this helps you find the perfect additions to your fall wardrobe!