Picture this: you walk into the party, you’re feeling yourself, and then you realize you’re wearing the same thing as 3 other people there. It’s the curse of being basic, and we’ve all been there– but don’t stress. Curiocity is here to take that standard H&M wardrobe and transform it into a one-of-a-kind vintage goldmine. All you gotta do is keep reading for the 8 best vintage shops in Calgary!

Danielle’s Consignment Boutique

girl vintage stripes
Danielle Hadden’s been killing the vintage game for 20+ years, so we’re pretty sure she knows what she’s doing. Head over to her spot on 17th to take advantage of her expert picks.

Where: 908 17 Ave SW
When: 10AM–6PM Tuesday–Friday; 10AM–5PM Saturday; 12PM–4PM Sunday

Antiquaire Vintage Boutique

girl vintage sitting
Antiquaire has menswear, women’s items, bridal picks, and accessories for days, so you can really go here for anything. Plus they have an unreal January clearance sale happening (20% to 70% off storewide) so don’t miss out!

Where: 1219A 9 Ave SE
When: 11AM–6PM Tuesday–Saturday; 12PM-5PM Sunday

Velour Clothing Exchange

guy wall vintage sunglasses
Velour’s run by a mother/daughter team that specializes in wearable 60s–90s vintage and on-trend men’s and women’s clothing. Their space is totally welcoming and fun, too, so even if you’re a vintage newbie you’ll feel at home.

Where: 1022 17 Ave SW #200
When: 11AM–6PM Sunday–Saturday; 12PM-5PM Sunday

Curated By Cool

couple vintage posing
Curated by (Co)lin and (Ol)ivia (get it?), these pieces are exclusively available on Instagram (or at the occasional pop-up!). It’s perfect for those of us who prefer to live a hermit lifestyle while also looking crazy fly.

Where: Instagram only

Peacock Boutique Consignment

girl vintage hat pink
These guys won the Best of 2018 award, so you know their clothes are fire. Pop by to refresh your look with everything from blazers to vests to bags.

Where: 1145 Kensington Crescent NW; 1415 11 St SW
When: 11AM–6PM Monday–Saturday; 12PM-5PM Sunday

SalvEdge Boutique

salvedge vintage guy clothes
You’ll walk into SalvEdge looking for one thing and walk out with 10x the stuff. It’s hard not to when there are so many great pieces to choose from– so pop by for gently used clothes to brand new off-the-rack buys!

Where: 1013 17 Ave SW #113
When: 11AM–6PM Monday–Friday; 11AM-5PM Saturday; 12PM-5PM Sunday


girl 60s vintage clothes
Our gal Susan Knapp is a textile artist with a passion for vintage clothing and hats. She has extensive knowledge of fabrics, weave and dye techniques, Canadian designers and fashion styles of past decades, so head over and pick her brain to get some style inspo.

Where: 2833 14 St SW
When: 10:30AM-5: 00 PM Tuesday-Saturday

Trend Fashions Ltd.

girl stool vintage clothing
Everything at Trend has been carefully selected to guarantee top-notch quality. When you consign here, don’t be offended if some of your items don’t make the cut. When we say crème de la crème, we mean it… so head here for some threads that will turn heads (yikes, did we just become Soundcloud rappers?).

Where: 120 10 St NW
When: 11AM–7PM Monday–Friday; 10AM-6PM Saturday; 12PM-5PM Sunday

That about wraps it up, folks! Now go forth and enjoy your new looks!