It’s a hot one this weekend! This type of weather has us thinking one thing: pool party season, baby! It’s time to make a splash (literally and figuratively). And what do you need to have a perfect pool party? Well, an outdoor pool, of course. With that in mind, here are 8 outdoor pools in Calgary you just gotta see!

Hotel Arts

outdoor pools calgary

Ready to listen to chill beats? How about schmooze with a delicious cocktail in hand? Hotel Arts is probably your best bet. Dazzling art and decor, perfect Insta backgrounds… yep, we’re sold.


outdoor pools calgary

We love a good reno, don’t you?! Highwood is getting a revamp currently. This means our pool experience will be fresher than ever once it opens again this summer!

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Stanley Park

outdoor pools calgary

Stanley Park is the perfect spot for a lil BBQ action. Pack a picnic and hit the pool for extra refreshing vibes. Don’t forget to buy a popsicle off the lifeguards (they’ll hook you up, we promise).

Mount Pleasant

outdoor pools calgary

Three words: Doggos. Are. Welcome. Get your cute on with your furry best friend at Mount Pleasant’s pool! We honestly can’t think of a better way to spend your weekend, can you?

South Calgary

outdoor pools calgary

Spread out on a beach recliner, swim with your doggo, or take that fire Insta. South Calgary pool has also been known to throw events. Keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to live it up!

Millican Ogden

outdoor pools calgary

We love a slide moment, don’t you? Millican Ogden is cute as can be, so head on over to hang with the community…and maybe even discover your inner Michael Phelps.


outdoor pools calgary
People rave about the Westin’s rooftop pool and hot tub, so it’s gotta be good, right? We’re not sure if you can sneak up there without staying, but it’s worth a shot.


outdoor pools calgary

Laps, mosasaur art, this pool has got it all. Stop by this Hillhurst spot for a refreshing dip, and snap a few pics while you’re at it! This place is just dying to be tagged more often.

We’re done here! Outdoor pools may not be open quite yet in Calgary, but by mid-June, they should all be ready to go. We hope to see you water fanatics there!