Ah, romance. It can be found in a variety of places (even in Calgary!) but there is no denying that some destinations are more romantic than others. When it comes to romantic spots around the globe, there are obvious ones that usually steal the spotlight. Instead of highlighting those ones, we’ve teamed up with the travel experts from Contiki to explore some of the most underrated, hidden romantic cities in the world. Enjoy!


copenhagen most romantic cities in the world

Oh, you didn’t know northern Europe had some top-notch romance? Well, considering the renaissance architecture, terrific dining opportunities, world-class gardens, and incredible history, this is definitely one of the world’s best hidden romantic cities.

Contiki trip: Scandinavia


nice france hidden romantic cities in the world

Alright, so Paris is obviously the pinnacle of romance, but the rest of France has plenty to offer as well. The coastal views, small cafes, and hidden beaches around Nice make it undeniably romantic while also being a little off the beaten path.

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hidden romantic cities obidos portugal

Talk about a fairy-tale town! Obidos is famous for being a well-preserved example of incredible medieval architecture and goodness gracious is it ever nice to look at. The historic town is small enough to find cute and cozy spots at every corner, but interesting enough to keep things exciting.

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hidden romantic cities around the world kuala lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia doesn’t get as much attention as Singapore to the south, but it definitely holds its own as both a world-class big city and a wonderfully historic region. Raft a jungle river, explore the famous Batu Caves or hike to catch sunrises over the city, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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auckland new zealand

World-class wine tastings, endless beaches, dreamy star gazing…those are just a few things that make Auckland a very underrated romantic city. It’s a wonderful combination of nature and city vibes, with an impressive food reputation as a bonus.

Contiki trip: Kiwiana Panorama


blue lagoon reykjavik iceland

People are starting to take notice of just how beautiful Iceland is and for good reason! Reykjavik, in particular, has stunning architecture with the glass-domed Perlan and Hallgrimskirkja, famous natural experiences like the Blue Lagoon, and some seriously unique cuisine.

Contiki trip: Fire and Ice


ljubljana slovenia

Think about the most romantic parts of Budapest and Prague, mix them together, cut the city-size down significantly, and boom! Welcome to Ljubljana. Expect plenty of walkable green spaces, a lovely winding river lined by outdoor cafes, and a very solid museum scene.

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Well, there you have it, folks! Those are our picks for some of the most underrated romantic destinations in the world. As for booking, well, we all know getting out of Calgary can be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to plan. So, make things easy on yourself and take a look at all the incredible offers from Contiki. After all, every part of your vacation should feel like a vacation. Cheers.

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