Ideas, beliefs, and snacks. Everything is better when we blend good things together. Fusion is an incredibly tasty style of cuisine that brings burgers and sushi or hot dogs and Peruvian spices together. The combos are endless! This edible experience should be celebrated, so we’ve put together a list of spots right here that do it extremely well. Here are the 7 best fusion restaurants in Calgary!


Anju fusion restaurant Calgary

Anju is a super popular resto on 17th Avenue. Their Korean-Modern menu is aces in our books. We love this place not only for how incredible the service is, or even how good the food is. We also love this place because everything is served on small plates and is meant to be shared. This means two things: you’ll have to bring a friend, and you’ll get to try more on their menu. Variety is where it’s at, folks.

Where: 344 – 17 Avenue SW, Calgary


Foreign Concept fusion restaurant Calgary

Chef Duncan Ly is a master of fusion cuisine, which is why he has not one, but two restaurants on this list. Foreign Concept is all about adding modern, bold flavours to dishes inspired by Chef Hyungjae Lim’s Korean background and Chef Duncan Ly’s Vietnamese roots.

Where: 1011 1 Street SW, Calgary


Gorilla Whale describes themselves as “Japanese-ish.” Their menu consists of everything from burgers to ramen, which is what they’re probably well known most for. This place is authentic Asian-style cuisine meets modern, upscale NY cocktail bar. 10/10 would recommend.

Where: 1214 9 Ave SE, Calgary


Carino fuses together two things most people wouldn’t put on the same plate: Italian and Japanese food. We’d recommend the bucatini with wagyu meat sauce and truffle oil. We promise it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever had before!

Where: 2206 4th Street SW, Calgary

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For some reason unknown to us, a lot of people tend to overlook hotel restaurants. Freeport at the Wyndham Garden has unique menu options and a kick-butt cocktail bar. Plus, Chef Hans Puccinelli adds Peruvian fusion flair to tons of unique drinks and dishes. Stop by if you live up NE, or grab a bite before your next flight!

Where: 11 Freeport Cres NE, Calgary


Right behind Foreign Concept, you’ll find another Duncan Ly gem. Takori Taqueria is the answer to bizarre late-night cravings. Their menu is super original and almost unfathomable, consisting of Asian style tacos and quesadillas. Your taste buds will go absolutely wild at this place, in a good way. You definitely have to check it out!

Where: Inside Foreign Concept – 1011 – 1 Street SW, Calgary


Workshop YYC has been awarded Trip Advisor’s high accolades more than once. Everything on their menu is around the world authentic but with a twist. They’ve got items from buttermilk fried chicken and dumplings to gnocchi. Literally everything goes with these guys, and we love it.

Where: 608 – 1 Street SW, Calgary

There you have it, 7 fusion restaurants in Calgary that we know will knock your socks off. Let us know which one is your favourite! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we know what to order next.