Howdy folks! In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, we’re on the hunt for the best places for vegan dessert in Vancouver. That’s kind of a fun challenge, and we’re feeling up to it. Let’s see what this city filled with health-nuts has to offer, shall we?

Here are the best places for vegan dessert in Vancouver.


umaluma cup

This spot nestled in Chinatown specializes in frozen non-dairy treats. You might think that would set them back a little bit. In reality, they’ve perfected the art of vegan ice ‘cream’ and are destined for the history books in the city. Stick with the classics or try something new, you can’t go wrong here.

Where: 235 E Pender Street


vegan dessert vancouver

Located in Kitsilano, Aphrodite’s offers vegan and gluten-free pies alongside their regular offerings. Nice to see a local spot that cares about dietary restrictions, plus, they only use organic ingredients!

Where: 3598 W 4th Avenue

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vegan dessert vancouver acorn

Since the menu changes often here, we can’t say for sure for sure that they’re guaranteed to have vegan options while you’re there. But, we’re saying that there’s like a 95% chance of it happening. If you do luck out, you get dessert at one of the best vegan restaurants in the world!

Where: 3995 Main Street

Eternal Abundance

vegan dessert vancouver eternal abundance

You don’t have to worry about your dessert here, since everything on the menu is both vegan and gluten-free. This is the neighbourhood cafe that Vancouver’s vegans swear by. And by golly, we’re joing them in that stance!

Where: 1025 Commercial Drive


vegan dessert vancouver cartems donuts vegan

Maybe you’ve seen their vegan offerings over the years, and maybe you haven’t. Well, let us reassure that no matter what day you swing by, Cartems will have a sweet selection of vegan donuts for you to try out. It’s the perfect dessert to pick up on your way to a work function or a dinner party.

Where: Locations around Vancouver

Vegan Pudding & Co


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They say it themselves- they are ‘the one and only vegan custard pudding store’. Wow, we can’t believe that someone would try this idea in the first place, but what’s even crazier is that they’ve been wildly successful. It’s a must-try dessert spot that is quintessentially Vancouver.

Where: 422 Richards Street

Edible Flours

vegan dessert vancouver edible flours

This is the fully vegan bakery of your dreams. Cookies, cinnamon buns, loaves and even cupcakes are baked in-house. Another perfect spot to pick up some goodies on your way to dinner. Or heck, swing by in the morning for a (somewhat) healthy way to start the day!

Where: 2280 W Broadway

And that’s it, folks! Our guide to the best dessert spots in Vancouver! Now get out there and satisfy that sweet tooth, because we you know you want to.