While we love to be frugal, we thought we would mix things up and show you some of the most expensive restaurants in Canada. From over-the-top pizzas to the most refined steakhouse dinners, Canada has got no shortage of incredible dining experiences for those looking to break the bank.

Here are some of the most expensive restaurants in Canada.

Toronto- Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse

most expensive restaurants canada

As one of the few Canadian restaurants to carry Kobe beef, you should walk in here expecting high prices. But even we’re surprised at the price of the 16oz A5 striploin, which is just vibing out at $880. Hey, if that’s what it costs to feel like we’re Japanese business tycoons, then so be it.

Vancouver- Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

seafood tower

It’s not even on the menu, but we’re positive that these guys will still make a seafood tower royale for anyone who asks. The three-tiered seafood extravaganza comes with everything you could ask for, and they’re going to ask you for around $500 when the bill comes. Even swap, we guess.

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Montreal- Maison Boulud

most expensive restaurants canada

While the chef’s tasting menu will only set you back $138, it’s the add-ons that will really get you. Want wine pairings? That’ll be $120. And of course, a little caviar for the table? That’s another $375 for 50 grams. All said, you’re dropping at least $300 while you’re here.

Richmond- Steveston Pizza Company

This spot in Richmond boasts the most expensive pizza in Canada, coming in at a whopping $850. The ‘C6’ comes with prawns, lobster, steelhead trout and caviar. Then, it’s topped with white truffle leaf for good measure, too. Basically, it’s opulence on a crust.

Calgary- Teatro


Much like Maison Boulud, it’s the add-ons at this iconic Italian spot that will hurt your wallet the most. Sure, you can add another $75 onto the $125 per person tasting menu for wine pairings, but that’s not balling. Know what is? Ordering the 2016 Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair ‘La Romanée’, which is priced at a cool $6k.

Whitehorse- Wayfarer Oyster House

wayfarer oyster house

Recently named one of the best new restaurants in Canada by enRoute magazine, Wayfarer Oyster House is worth a visit. The only problem? A flight from anywhere in Canada is going to set you back at least $400 bucks, and we doubt that you have any friends up there.

Churchill- Tundra Inn Dining Room

tundra inn

Much like Whitehorse, we doubt that anyone has easy access to Churchill. Want to experience elk meatloaf? That’ll be $29. Want to actually step foot in the restaurant that’s been featured on You Gotta Eat Here? Get to Winnipeg, then drop another $500 minimum on the only airline that services the airport.

And there you have it folks! Our roundup of some of the most expensive restaurants in Canada. We think we’ve covered all the bases here, but if we’ve missed some underground dinner club that’s 1000 bucks a person, please feel free to let us know.